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How To Use Google Drive and Benefits of Using Google Drive

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How To Use Google Drive? Offered by American search giant, Google drive is basically a storage service where you can store all your important data for free. It has some storage limits like you can only store up to 15 GB of data on your drive and if you want more space you need to either create a new Google account or pay some penny to extend the storage space.

Today we are here to discuss about what are the top benefits of Google Drive and how to use Google Drive.

Starting with the list of benefits, lets them out.

Benefits of Using Google Drive:

How To Use Google Drive

  1. Easily Transfer or Share Big Files:

With the help of Google Drive, you can easily share important files or folders with your friends, family members or colleagues. Gmail or Google mail allows its users to send files that are large in size directly from the account. The process is highly easy.

  1. Backup Important Data:

Scared of losing your memorable photographs? Use Google drive and keep a backup for forever. Whether it is family trip, official trip or a trip with friends, or any official or personal data, keep a backup of each and everything with ease. Known as an alternative storage disk, you can use Google drive to keep your important data safe with you.

  1. Share Videos and Pictures:

Do your friends, relatives and other family members use Google drive too? It’s amazing. You can directly exchange the videos and photos with them. Apart from family members, this really helps when you are travelling for work purpose. You can directly share important pictures or videos with your co-workers.

  1. Edit, Upload or Delete Documents:

Do you want to edit an important document on an urgent basis before sharing it with your boss? You can do editing, writing, commenting or deleting, all in one with the docs saved at Google drive. You can even make changes in your PPTs, spreadsheets or any document available in any format. All you need to have is a good internet connection.

  1. Use Google Drive Application to Access Important Documents:

Not able to use your laptop or desktop and want to access a file that is stored on Google Drive? No worries! You can simply download the Google Drive application and start accessing all your important files with ease!

Internet has given us so many facilities of which we can take advantage to make our life easier and Google Drive is a part of it. With the help of Google Drive you can do hell lot of things. Mentioned above are the Top benefits of Google Drive, you will get if you will use the platform effectively.

Now moving forward, let us see how to use Google Drive:

How to Use Google Drive?

There are no specific steps you need to follow in order to use Google drive, as the process is very basic and can be followed in two easy ways.

  1. If you want to open Google Drive directly from your email then first open your Gmail account by inserting the credentials. At the top right, before your profile picture, you will be able to see 9 dots. Click on that 9 dots and a drop-down list will open having all the Google products. From that list, you just need to tap or click on the symbol of Google drive and the drive associated with that particular account will get open.
  2. If you do not want to open your Gmail account and you are already signed in, you can directly type in the URL bar, and there after you will be able to access all those files that are stored in your Google Drive.

Final Words!

Google Drive plays a very important part in our lives, especially in the corporate world. Thousands of data can be stored in the drive, so no more tension of storing your data in your local account and keep checking if it is there or not.

Simply thanks to Google and take the advantage of the free storage space provided by Google to store all of our important data. The data won’t get deleted unless and until you delete it manually. Store data now!


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