How to Upload Videos on YouTube

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Youtube one of the most popular streaming platform for watching videos online, having many viewers. If you inherit a talent that you want the world to know, then your tube is the best stage to do so. It lets your voice hear the world, and it creates a virtual world where you can forget the reality and be someone you ever thought to be. In case you are new to this platform, then you ought to learn the basics of uploading the video to the particular site.

First things first, you need to be careful that you do have a google account to upload the videos to YouTube. On this occasion, only you are bound to upload a specific video on YouTube.

There are underlying steps that you need to follow to upload a video to YouTube.

Sign into your account

How to Upload Videos on YouTube

Now firstly open the YouTube homepage and then click onto sign-in on atop right corner. In case if one has more than one account linked with the device you are using you will be asked to choose the particular one. Once you are done then enter your password and you will be taken aback to the main page of YouTube. Things seem to look a little different in terms of video recommendations, but don’t freak out you are now well on your way on uploading your prior video on YouTube.

Click on the upload button

The following step is even more comfortable than the first one. Click on the upload button, its also present in the right-hand corner atop and it is also represented by an upwards arrow with a line below it and it will further take you through to a particular page to upload where one can choose the source to your upcoming viral sensation.

Choose video source and privacy settings

The upload page you reach gives you a few choices to select from that are worth taking a look or putting into consideration. Initially, you need to gather on that who you should see your video and then adjust the privacy settings according to your preference. If you want that anyone can see your video, choose the “public” background from the convenient drop-down option. In case you want a little more control over the thing that who can see it, then select “unlisted” option that keeps it from being discoverable through searches. Instead, people would require to click the link directed or go to your particular channel.

But if you are looking to keep the video only to yourself or want to store something and unveil it later, then you can choose to make your video “private” instead. “Scheduled” option lets you select a particular date and time in future for your video to become public.

Once you have made your decision final about who can see and access your video, you need to choose from which source you are uploading it. Whether you want to import it from Google Photos directly or upload it directly from your device’s storage, or you want to live stream it instead?

Managing the upload

Once it has begun, you will notice a progress bar at the top of the screen, letting you know how much of the video is uploaded and how long will it take to complete. You also need to put a title, description, and specific tags. You may even add it to a playlist or allow or disable the comments and ratings.

Select a thumbnail

Once done with the uploading of the video, YouTube then gives you a choice to select a thumbnail amongst three thumbnails. Once done with the article, click the “done” or “publish” to finalize.

Video management

After this point, your video is uploaded on YouTube and is available publicly or not, depending on your personal preferences. In case you want to make any further changes, all you need to do is head on to the “Creator Studio.” You will find a link for it in the drop-down menu when you click on your account picture in the top right-hand corner.

From there you’ll be able to access your videos, the number of views they got, and other analytics from the channel of yours. Then you can click any of the individual videos you wish to edit or click on “video manager” present on the left-hand side. The video manager thereby gives you full access to any tool you might require as well as overviews of all the videos you have uploaded in detail.


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