How to upload videos on Instagram and IGTV

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Instagram, today, a majorly used social networking site currently being used by millions of people, is an ideal developed platform where one can share pictures, videos, and do shopping as well. Instagram is presently owned by Mark Zuckerberg, who is the inventor of Facebook, and the developers of Instagram are leaving no stone unturned in making it the best social media site ever. But today, the main highlight of this article is how to post a video on Instagram and IGTV.

How to upload a video on Instagram feed

how to upload videos on instagram and igtv

1) Firstly, you need to select a video that you want to upload on Instagram. It can be a raw video or the one with some special effects; the choice is yours, after all. The video must be under 1 minute, and the square format would be best to upload a video. You also need to take care that the video must be saved in your phone if you want to access it from Instagram.

2) Next, after the creation of the video, its time to upload it on Instagram. You need to select the + icon present at the bottom of the screen in the middle. After selecting it, it will show you all your saved photos and videos, and you can choose the preferred one from the list.

3) Once you selected the video, one can make some desirable changes beginning with the filters; then you can also mute the video or leave it unchanged. You may even trim a defective part of the video by dragging the handles from the starting and terminating points.

4) You also need to select the cover of the video. It’s a thumbnail or the picture that is shown on your profile when the video is not in playing mode. You can only change the cover once after you upload it, there’s no way coming back and improving it.

5) Next, you can add a caption or tag people who were involved with you in the video. Also, you can put in the location of where you shoot the same.

How to upload a video on Instagram story

1) First things first, you need to save the videos in the camera roll of your device to upload a video on Instagram story.

2) Then click on your story in atop left corner and then press + to put a story.

3) Later click on the camera roll, select the video you prefer, you can also spice it up by adding stickers, poll, or other text.

4) After all the rituals, tap on send to your story.

Also, keep a note that all of your videos you think to put in the story should be of 15 seconds. In case your video exceeds the 15 seconds limit, it will slice up into two clips, and you don’t have control on where it slices up.

How to upload videos to IGTV

1) To upload a video to IGTV, you need to have a single app that is Instagram’s IGTV app, and then you need to sign into it from your Instagram account.

2) After that, you will see a small icon with your profile pic on it, tap that. So basically, this is your channel screen, where you can visualize your bio, profile and upload a video option.

3) After pressing upload a video option by tapping on the ‘+’ icon present, you have to grant individual permissions to the app, and after giving them all the access, you can upload the video.

4) After selecting the video from the device’s storage, you need to give a description, fill in the video title, and choose the cover to the IGTV video.

Upload videos to IGTV via web

1) You can also upload the video through web and in the cases where the video exceeds 10 minutes time frame you need to upload it via the internet.

2) Log in to the official Instagram page from the Google and log in to your account from desktop, pc or tab and head over to the profile you own.

3) You will notice a new tab named as IGTV between the ‘posts’ and ‘saved’ icon. The moment you press it, you will see a new option to upload an IGTV video.

4) Then all you need to do is some browsing, and upload a video and later add all the intended details and then upload it.

5)The video will shortly be uploaded and be visible from your profile depending upon the network speed you own.

We hope now you know how to upload videos on IGTV quickly. If you face any issue then kindly comment below, we will be happy to guide you and solve the error in uploading new videos


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