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How to Unroot Android Phones and Tablet

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How to Unroot Android Phones and Tablet : Most of the Android users root their device to get extra control and functionality which is not available by default. In most of the cases, you will end up with void warranty due to rooting your device. The rooted device will not be available for an availing warranty on repairs, so you need to think before rooting your Android device. One of the major disadvantages of rooting your Android device is that you will not be able to install updates which is available via OTA.

In order to fix these issues, you need to unroot your Android device in order to get back to the default position. There are several methods available for you to unroot your Android device, we have explained in details for the easier access to the methods.

Guide to How to Manually Unroot your Android Phones and Tablet

Use this following method to manually unroot your Android device. Read the guidelines carefully before manually unrooting your Android device.

1) The first thing you need to do is to install a root file manager in your Android device.

2) We have provided a link at the below of this article for you to install ES File Explorer in your Android device. Use any web browser in your Android device to continue with the process.

3) After you have successfully installed the ES File Explorer, you need to to go to the sdcard/internal Storage > System > bin folder.

4) Now you will go to find a file named “SU”.

5) Press and hold to select that file and then delete it using the file explorer.

6) Now go to sdcard/internal Storage > System > xbin folder

7) Again, you need to delete the “SU” file from that folder as well.

8) Now go to the sdcard/internal Storage > System > app folder.

9) Press and hold the superuser.apk file in order to select it.

10) Delete that apk file from your Android device to continue with the unrooting process.

11) Now you need to restart your Android device to apply the changes which you have done.

12) After your Android device is successfully restarted, download the root checker application from the app store.

13) Root checker application will confirm that your Android device is successfully unrooted or not.

Download Link>> ES File Explorer apk for Android Devices.

Guide to Unroot Android Device using SuperSU App:

Use this guideline for unrooting Android device easily.

SuperSu App

1) If you have rooted Android device, then you are probably having SuperSU application in your device.

2) Launch the application and go to the settings of the application.

3) From the settings page, you need to select the cleanup option.

4) Open the cleanup page and you need to locate the full unroot option.

5) Tap on the full unroot option to continue with the process.

6) A pop-up window will open up which will ask you to confirm your selection.

7) Step on the continue button to confirm, and restart your Android device to apply the changes.

8) Now you have successfully unrooted your Android device.

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This was all about How to Unroot Android Phones, if you have any question or face any issue while following the process, do let us know in the comment section below. We will be happy to help you out.

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