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How To Turn On Facebook Night Mode On Android?

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Recently, On Facebook Messenger App, dark mode had been added by Reddit sleuths. The Dark mode on Messenger has come for both Android and iOS. You might get to know about it when you received a crescent moon emoji from your friend. At present, the dark mode setting can be easily unlocked by sending a Crescent moon emoji. Once you send this emoji to your friends you will turn on the Facebook Night Mode.

A Dark mode is becoming a standard for any mobile app, Website or a Web App. From 2018, the interest in dark UI has skyrocketed. Nowadays, almost everyone spends more time with their mobile phones, so our eyes are paying a huge price for screen addiction. But, now as the Dark Mode has come to Facebook, it reduces the glare and is most useful at night or in low light environment.

How to Turn On Facebook Night Mode On Android

Now, let me explain to you in detail how to Turn On Facebook Night Mode On Your Android?

How To Turn On Facebook Night Mode On Android?

Step by step guide how to enable the hidden Facebook Dark Mode.

  • First, you need to open Facebook Messenger on your Android or iOS.
  • Now, open any chat with your friend
  • Send a crescent emoji  in a random chat with a friend
  • Then, automatically, the Dark Mode feature will appear in your Messenger App Settings.
  • From this time, you can enable or disable the dark mode whenever you like.
  • You don’t need to send a Crescent emoji anymore.
  • Enjoy the Dark Mode on the Facebook Messenger App.

With the upcoming updates, Dark Mode will be the standard feature.

Facebook Messenger’s dark mode gives less brightness and maintains contrast and vibrancy. The dark mode cuts down the glare from your phone, so you can use the Messenger features wherever you are.

This is the first time Facebook has allowed the users to activate a dark mode. It is not confirmed whether the main Facebook App will also get this dark mode or not. The latest update on Messenger has received a mix reaction overall.

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