How to turn off talkback on android phone?

Talkback is a feature on Android phones that provides audible and vibration feedback to let the user know that they are interacting with the phone. It can be turned on in the Accessibility settings. There are some people who find talkback annoying, especially if they accidentally turn it on. If you want to know how to turn off talkback on your Android phone, follow the steps below.

What is talkback?

Talkback is a feature of Android that provides spoken feedback to the user. It is generally used by people who are blind or have low vision. When talkback is turned on, the user will hear spoken feedback as they navigate their device. This can be useful for familiarizing yourself with a new device, or for those who have difficulty seeing the screen. However, talkback can also be annoying if you don’t need it. If you find yourself accidentally activating talkback, or if you just want to disable it, follow these steps.

How to turn off talkback on your android phone

If you’re using a screen reader on your Android phone, you can turn off TalkBack in just a few steps. Here’s how:

1. Open your device’s Settings app .
2. Tap Accessibility.
3. Tap TalkBack.
4. Turn off the switch next to “Use service.”

How to customize talkback settings

Under the Accessibility Menu, select TalkBack and slide the switch to the ‘off’ position. You will be prompted to confirm this action – select Yes to turn off TalkBack.


We hope this guide on how to turn off talkback on your Android phone was helpful. While talkback can be a useful feature for some, it can also be quite annoying for others. If you find yourself in the latter camp, follow the steps above to disable talkback and get your peace and quiet back.

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