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How to Track Lost Android Phones

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Accidents might always happen, you can either lose your Android phone or even it gets stolen. In most of the cases, we are unable to track our lost Android phones give to the unused features offered by Google. In this article, we will discuss tracking a lost Android phone using GPS, although it is recommended to have an active internet connection or Wi-Fi connection in your Android device.

Nowadays most of the services offered by Google is tracking your location for a better result in your Android device. Google is having its own application for tracking a lost Android phone which is known as “Find My Device”. Most of the Android devices are having this application as inbuilt, in case you are not having this application in your device then you can always download it from the Google Play Store.

Guide to Enable Find My Device on Android:

The first thing you need to do is to enable find my device in Android. This will help you to track down your lost Android phone in case an accident happens.

Find My Device

  1. First, you need to open the settings option from the app list of Android device.
  2. Open the settings page you need to select the security and location option.
  3. After the security and location page opens up, you will get to see the find my device option.
  4. Tap on the find my device option and enable the location service on your Android device.
  5. After it’s done go back to the settings page of your Android device.
  6. Once again select the location and security and enable all the security location services on your Android device. Now you are halfway in order to track your lost Android device.

Guide to Track Lost Android Device:

In case you have lost your Android device, and enable the find my device feature in your Android device using the above method then you can use this guide. Read the guidelines carefully before using this process in your Android device.

Track Your Lost Phone

  1. First, you need to open any web browser on any device which is having an internet connection.
  2. Now go to the address bar of the web browser and type this URL “”.
  3. Hit the enter button and wait for the website to get loaded in your device.
  4. Now the website will ask you to enter the Google id and password which you are using in your lost Android device.
  5. In case you are having two step verification system for your Google id, then you also need to complete that process in order to continue.
  6. Now on your screen, you will get to see three options which you can choose.
  7. You can either play a sound which will start ringing your phone in loud ringtone even if your phone is in silent or vibration mode.
  8. You can also choose the secure device option, which will lock down your Android device instantly. Only you can unlock the device after you are able to tracking on the lost Android device.
  9. Most importantly you can erase the device remotely to secure all the files available on your Android device.
  10. You will also be able to locate the Android device on the map showing on the website.

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