How To Stop People From Adding You To Random Groups On WhatsApp

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WhatsApp has finally got a new update on it’s much awaited group privacy control which will not let users to decide on who can add them to random groups in the app. Interestingly the giant messaging App has added this feature just before the 2019 Indian General elections.

How To Stop People From Adding You To Random Groups On WhatsApp

Before the release of this awesome feature, anyone who had your number can add you randomly to a new WhatsApp group without your consent. This was one of the biggest privacy issue users were facing. Though Whatsapp group is one of the most interesting and important feature as multiple users can chat at a time with each other. For example, Users have family, friends and more groups on the App. WhatsApp groups help connect with old friends which is why it is very popular amongst users of all age.

How to customise WhatsApp group privacy settings

It has come to notice that WhatsApp has finally added lots of new group privacy settings to its app. These settings will let users control who can add them to groups in WhatsApp. Below we have shared complete guide on how to customise WhatsApp group settings.

1) Got to Play Store and update your WhatsApp first.

2) Now open WhatsApp

3) Go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups.

4) You will see 3 options : Everyone, My contacts and Nobody

5) You can choose any option of your choice.

WhatsApp group privacy controls

Now that we have given you a complete guide on how to customise WhatsApp group and restrict random people from adding you to a new Group without permission lets see what these controls actually mean.

You get 3 options while customizing settings in group privacy. If you select ‘Nobody’ then you have to accept or reject the group joining request every time you are added to a group. In this case a user who is inviting you to the group will be shown a message to send you private invite through personal chat.

If you choose my contact option then anyone from your contact list in WhatsApp can add you to a new group without your permission.


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