How to send gifs on android?

How to send gifs on android?

Gifs are a great way to add some personality to your texts, but did you know that you can also send them on Android? Here’s how!

How to send gifs on android?

Sending gifs on Android is easy! Just follow these simple steps:

1. Find a gif that you want to share. There are many sources for gifs online, such as or

2. Tap and hold on the gif that you want to share.

3. A menu will pop up with different sharing options. Select the option to share via text message.

4. Enter the phone number or contact name of the person you want to send the gif to and hit send!

What is a gif?

A gif is an image file format that supports animated images. It is often used to make short animations or videos. Gifs can be created from images or videos.

How to create a gif?

If you’re an Android user, you might be wondering how to create and send a gif. While there are a number of apps out there that can help you do this, we’ve got a quick and easy guide that will show you how to make a gif in just a few simple steps.

1. Choose the video or image you want to turn into a gif.

2. Open the app Giphy (you can download it for free from the Google Play Store).

3. Tap on the “Create” button.

4. Select “Upload Video” or “Upload Image.”

5. If you’re uploading a video, select the part of the video you want to turn into a gif (you can trim it down if needed). If you’re uploading an image, simply select the image file.

6. Tap on the “Next” button and add any captions or stickers if desired.

7. When you’re finished, tap on the “Create Gif” button and share your gif with whoever you’d like!

The best gifs of 2020

It’s no secret that 2020 has been a bit of a dumpster fire. But amidst all the darkness, there have been some truly excellent GIFs. From dance trends to celebrities making funny faces, these GIFs perfectly capture the zeitgeist of this wild year. Here are our favorites:

This GIF of Jennifer Lopez dancing is everything we needed in 2020. It’s sexy, fun, and just a little bit ridic. We can’t get enough.

Speaking of celebs making funny faces, this GIF of Billie Eilish is priceless. She seems genuinely surprised and amused by something happening off-camera, and it’s just so darn charming.

Who could forget the great “Wipe it down” challenge? This GIF perfectly encapsulates the bizarre trend, which saw people dramatically cleaning surfaces while lip syncing to Kris Kross’ 1992 hit song “Jump.”

And finally, this GIF sums up 2020 in one perfect loop. A woman falls down some stairs, only to get back up and keep going. That’s all of us, trying our best to make it through another day despite the constant setbacks.

How to make a gif on your phone

There are a few different ways that you can make gifs on your phone. One way is to use an app like Giphy Cam or Luma. These apps allow you to record short videos and then turn them into gifs.

Another way to make gifs on your phone is to use an existing video from your camera roll. To do this, open the video in the Giphy app and select the “Create” option. This will allow you to edit the video and turn it into a gif.

Finally, you can also create gifs from images. To do this, open the Images app and select the “Animation” option. This will allow you to add effects and text to your image to create a gif.


Overall, sending gifs on Android is a fairly simple process. Just open up your preferred messaging app, find the gif that you want to send, and hit the send button. If you’re having trouble finding the right gif, there are plenty of online resources that can help you out. Just make sure that you check the licensing before you use any images. And that’s it! With a little bit of effort, you can easily add some extra flair to your messages.

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