How To Schedule Instagram Posts Online Using Creator Studio

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Today, we have powerful tools in our hands, rather on our smartphone. One of them is social media, which like everything else in this life can be used appropriately or inappropriately. Specifically, if we talk about Instagram, the options are very interesting. The popular photography network has some a limitation in-app while publishing content. If we use a computer, then we had to use third-party tools. Here is a quick guide on how to schedule Instagram posts online.

Publish from the Creator Studio website

Facebook had a tool called Creator Studio in which we had a wide range of options to take even the smallest detail of our account.  Now, this tool has been expanded its use on Instagram; being able to program both traditional and IGTV publications. This is very simple by the computer.

The only requirement that we must meet will be that our Instagram account and the Facebook account are set up as professional accounts since it is the only way to use the new Instagram Creator Studio tool. To set up our account as a professional account, we just have to enter the Instagram Settings and in the Account section, click on the option Switch to a professional account. The next thing we should do is choose what type of account we want:

Creator: Designed for content creators, artists, etc …
Company: Designed for local companies, organizations, etc …

Once we have selected the type of professional account, we only have to enter this website. Just log in with our Facebook account and follow the steps to link our Instagram account. In this step, we can associate the number of Instagram accounts we want as long as they meet the requirement of being as a professional account.

Now you can see a button called Create content, which when pressed will offer us the option to choose between publishing an Instagram news or one of IGTV. It looks like a panel and you need to fill the details like an associated message, the location and the photo or video we want to publish. The number of mentions or labels to use remains limited to a maximum of 30.

We will only have to publish the content; being able to a specific moment. Once all the parameters have been established, we can forget it and the tool will automatically be in charge of publishing the programmed.

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