How To Save WhatsApp Status Without Using Any App

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Reading friends status is a major feature in WhatsApp. In fact, the base is identical to Instagram Stories, the status lasts only 24 hours. After that, What do you want to keep? No problem, WhatsApp already does.

To download the Stories of applications like Instagram, you need third-party apps, but this is not the case with WhatsApp. As. the Status stories are already stored in your phone, and no need to access it in an appropriate way. It is extremely simple and does not require anything except your smartphone. Does it intrigue you? Let’s see, how to save WhatsApp status without any app.

Easy Way To Access The Hidden WhatsApp Files

By default, WhatsApp saves all multimedia content in the user’s phone. The results we already know: the multitude of multimedia content that accumulates in the smartphone gallery. The funny thing is that it happens the same with the States; even if these are not shown in the images folder because they are hidden.

how to save whatsapp status wihtout any app.

As with any computer, our Android uses hidden files and folders so it does not openly display the content. But it is enough to force the appearance of saved content to visualize it without complications. This is the case of the WhatsApp Status, so you can see them on your mobile:

  1. Make sure you see the Status you want to save: only the ones you visualize will be accessible.
  2. Open the file manager of your mobile. By default, it should be called ” My Files ” or ” Files “.
  3. Access the settings of your file browser and activate the option ” Show hidden files “.
  4. Go to the storage of the phone and look for the WhatsApp folder. Then enter ” Media “.
  5. You will see that there is a hidden folder: « Statuses «. It should be accessible since you are showing the hidden files.
  6. Enter « Statuses «: you will have access all the image and photo states that you have already viewed.
  7. Move the content you want to save to another phone folder. Otherwise, WhatsApp will erase it.

The only drawback of this method is that text status do not store in the hidden Statuses folder; although you can always opt for “save whatsapp status by screenshots“. For the rest of the content the trick of the hidden folder works great

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