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How To Reset Your Android Phone (100% Working Method)

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In this article, we are going to tell you ways how you can actually perform simple steps and reset your phone easily. There comes a time when you may need to reset an Android phone. Regardless of whether your phone is lagging or you are just preparing to sell it, a factory reset is a standout amongst the most ideal approaches to restore the phone to its ideal factory condition.

If you are preparing factory reset because of performance issues, keep in mind that factory resetting your cell phone would be the final retreat. Beyond any doubt, it can dispose of numerous issues that may be blocking your phone down. However, you can give a short focus on arrangements before going the atomic course. However, if you have already taken a decision that everything must go from the phone, completing a factory reset isn’t that difficult.

What’s Factory Reset?

Reset Your Android Phone

Factory Reset, also known as the hard reset will restore your Android device to that position where it was built out in the factory. A processing factory reset erases everything from the gadget, including contacts, messages, applications, and photographs. Ensure you have everything backed up before doing the procedure. Be that as it may, the applications should be reinstalled from the backup file. Regardless of which reason you have performed, a factory reset on your gadget is effective to take your Android back to work once more.

How to give your Android Device a Factory Reset?

Introducing two simple, as well as effective ways to Factory, Reset your Android Phone successfully.

1) Strategy 1: Perform a Factory Reset from the Device

The most ideal approach to factory reset your Android phone is to just utilize the default option tucked inside the settings. Practically, all Android cell phones pursue this strategy. So, you don’t need to stress a lot over the setting’s area.

However, most cell phones nowadays accompany a helpful hunt highlight in the setting to immediately navigate to the setting you need.

Typically, you can go to your gadget for factory resetting, as it is given in “Settings” > “Back up and Reset” > “Factory data reset”.


1) First, find the settings icon on the application cabinet or on the notification panel. Both will take you to the phone settings.

2) In the settings, verify whether your cell phone has a settings search feature. It will be located right on the highest point of the interface.

3) If it is there, tap on it to begin typing and search “Factory Data Reset”. A few makers have their own skin on Android so the name of the setting might be unique. In the case of nothing appears, start typing “Reset”.

4) On stock Android, you basically head to Settings > System > Reset Options > Erase all information > Reset Phone. The same goes for pretty much every other cell phone.

5) After you tap on the button, your cell phone will restart and it will be all as great as a new one.

Note: Before you reset your gadget, back up all the required data and information, like photographs, contracts, instant messages, and so on. Likewise, you can make a backup of all introduced applications and games with personal data.

Strategy 2: Factory Reset Android in Recovery Mode

If you are an unfortunate person who happened to forget the unlock password on your Android, the strategy presented above won’t help at all. Since you can’t access your phone, processing factory reset in your gadget in Recovery Mode is the perfect path for you then.

Simply turn off your gadget. Then press some specific buttons together, similar to “Power” + “Volume – “, or “Home” + “Back”, to enter Recovery Mode. Select “Wipe data/factory reset” in the options menu in this manner your Android is in the factory reset process.

Note: Compared to the above two strategies, wipe information under Recovery Mode is more careful than that in the Factory Data Reset task. Also, factory data reset under Recovery Mode additionally implies that all the data in the gadget is cleared out permanently.


1) Turn off the smartphone.

2) Hold the volume down and power button.

3) When the phone turns on, you will see Start and an arrow. In this menu, you can utilize the volume buttons to navigate and the power button for selections.

4) Navigate to Recovery mode.

5) Press the power button to choose that option. Your phone will restart.

6) You will see another screen this time says No Command. Here press and hold volume up and power button to boot into the recovery menu.

7) You can utilize the volume buttons to choose the alternative that says Wipe information/factory reset.

8) Pressing the power button while it is featured will choose the option.

9) Press Yes on the confirmation prompt to continue with the factory reset.

10) Once the procedure is finished, you will be back at the recovery menu. Select the Reboot System Now option to boot into your phone’s ordinary interface.

After Factory Reset

Since your gadget is completely reset, sign in to your Google account and begin utilizing your new smartphone. Ideally, any issues you were facing before the reset will be resolved and you will have a stable smartphone to utilize.

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