How to remove discover bar from android?

We all have that one thing that we don’t like about our Android phones. For some, it’s the bloatware that comes pre-installed. For others, it’s the discover bar on the home screen. If you’re in the latter camp, here’s a quick and easy guide on how to remove the discover bar from your Android phone.

How to remove the discover bar from your android device

The Discover bar is a persistent search bar that appears on the homescreen of many Android devices. It can be useful if you want to quickly search for something on your device, but it can also be annoying if you don’t use it often.

If you want to remove the Discover bar from your Android device, there are a few different methods you can try.

One method is to simply long-press on the homescreen and select “Remove discover bar” from the pop-up menu. This should work on most devices, but not all.

Another method is to go into the settings menu of your device and look for an option to disable or remove the Discover bar. This option may be located in different places depending on your device, but it should be pretty easy to find.

If neither of these methods works for you, there are a few apps available on the Play Store that can help you remove the Discover bar from your homescreen. Just search for “remove discover bar” and you’ll see a few different options.

Hopefully one of these methods will work for you and you’ll be able to get rid of that pesky Discover bar once and for all!

What is the discover bar?

The discover bar is a feature on Android devices that allows users to quickly access content from their favorite apps and websites. The discover bar can be customized to display content from specific apps and websites, or it can be set to show content from all apps and websites.

How to disable the discover bar

To disable the discover bar, follow these steps:

1. Open the Settings app on your Android device.
2. Tap on the Personal tab.
3. Select the Accounts and privacy option.
4. Toggle off the Discover bar option.

How to enable the discover bar

To enable the discover bar, go to your settings and select “Display”. Then, under the “Advanced” section, select “Ambient display”. Finally, toggle on the “Always show” option.


There you have it — a few simple steps on how to remove the discover bar from your Android device. By following these steps, you can declutter your home screen and enjoy a simpler user interface. If you have any questions or tips of your own, be sure to leave them in the comments below!

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