How To Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages On Android In 2020 ?

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In 2017, WhatsApp allowed users to delete messages on both sides. But, the only way to recover deleted Whatsapp messages is to backup from Google drive. Pretty much, we bring you new ways to recover the deleted messages from WhatsApp.

how to recover deleted whatsapp messages without backup

Usually, WhatsApp does not allow you to recover deleted WhatsApp messages directly. Here are the three things to consider before.

  • On Android, you can retrieve messages using the content of notifications.
  • It is only possible to recover the first 100 characters of the message (limit of notifications, on Android).
  • Multimedia content (photos, videos, and audios) cannot always be recovered.

Using Third-party Apps

how to recover deleted whatsapp messages without backup

Whenever a new message appears with a notification, the text received or sent is stored in a particular area. It means, notifications will have a default backup and the conversation will disappear from the chats, but not from the notification records. Thus deleted messages recovered in a simple way.

There are many apps to recover deleted WhatsApp messages. They do not involve too many mysteries, instead, they scan the notifications saved in WhatsApp. It allows us to read the deleted conversation. Keep in mind that these apps access your notifications, also other personal data, such as the name of the contacts and their phone. Use them with caution.

Here are some applications to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on Android.

WAMR: It’s a good application to recover deleted messages from text and even multimedia content. Simply install it, give it permission to access the notifications and it will be in charge of recording the conversations.

WhatsRemoved +: Like the previous one, this app records everything in WhatsApp whenever the messages generate a new notification. You can choose the conversations from the registry and the application will notify you when it detects a deleted message. You can download it from this link to Google Play.

Obviously, they will not recover deleted messages if they were deleted before you installed the recovery app. Therefore, you must install it when you want to have that possibility.

How To Access The Notification History On Android

As we said, Notifications are the easiest way to recover deleted messages because. Because they show the original content. In the previous step, we saw some apps that registered phone notices, but it is possible to access the notification log without any app. It is not valid for all Android, your phone manufacturer may have blocked this possibility.

How To Read Notification History?

You can proceed like this:

how to recover deleted whatsapp messages without backup

  1. Press and hold on your phone’s desktop and add a widget.
  2. Locate the ‘Settings’ widget
  3. Add the Settings widget to the desktop and select the ‘Notification log‘.
  4. In the case that the widget does not appear you can avoid the inconvenience by downloading Nova Launcher.
  5. Install it and run the above process by adding the settings widget to the desktop.
  6. Once you have created the widget you just have to click on it and you will access the complete notification log.
  7. Now search for WhatsApp messages that you have received and locate those that have been deleted.
  8. The notification log saves all the event code, but you need a little patience to read it.

how to recover deleted whatsapp messages without backup

How To Recover Deleted Messages With Backup?

This little trick is based on making a backup of a conversation and restoring that backup in case someone has deleted the message. Imagine that you have a conversation with a person and intuit that he will erase it. You can operate as follows:

how to recover deleted whatsapp messages without backup

Make a WhatsApp backup: just go to Settings >> Chats >> Backup and click on ‘Save’. If you detect that the other person deleted messages, simply delete your WhatsApp from the mobile and start the account again by restoring the last backup.

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With this process, you can read the deleted messages as long as they were visible before making the backup. Make sure, it doesn’t always work. Hope, you guys like this tutorial and it’s your turn to recover deleted messages.

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