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How to Recover Lost or Deleted Contacts on Android Phones

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Have you ever lost your contacts when you have replaced your phone or have undergone a factory data reset?

You must have gone through this once in your lifetime and would have felt helpless and useless. But to make your work easier for next time when you experience the same I have come up with this article which is guaranteed to go to be a problem solver.

In this article, you will get to know ways how you can actually restore your lost or deleted contacts without any issues and stress.

Deletion of contacts a huge loss to anyone might be a huge celebrity, businessmen or normal salesmen. It snatches your heart and soul away and you feel no worth living. Many of us even think that what’s gone is gone and can never come back, but have you ever tried to discover and find out ways how to recover deleted contacts on Android? I think nobody thinks of the solution first, rather they continue thinking of the problem.

So, let me walk you through the steps on how you can recover seemingly lost contacts and how to recover deleted ones.

4 Ways to Recover Deleted Contacts on Android

how to Recover Deleted Contacts on Android

There are 4 ways through which you can get back your Contacts. Go through them thoroughly and follow each step correctly.

1) Maybe you haven’t even Lost your Contacts

At times the settings on your Android gadget can go totally nuts, up until the point where you can’t discover your contacts and think you have lost them all. Before you begin blowing and stressing over the same, quite possible that entirety your contacts are still on your gadget, simply hidden up all around cautiously. To check if that is the situation, pursue these simple steps:-

  1. Open the “Contacts” application.
  2. Press on the menu in the upper right corner (three vertical spots).
  3. “Contacts to show”
  4. Select “All contacts” in the event that it isn’t as of now.

Recover Deleted Contacts on Android

In the event that “All contacts” haven’t been chosen, at that point, this was probably the solution for your concern. In any case, if all contacts were at that point already displayed, we should use some different methods.

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2) To Recover Deleted Contacts on Android through Gmail

If your Android gadget is synchronized with your Google account, the chances of recovering missing contacts are absolutely in favor of you. Gmail has a smart feature that enables you to restore a backup of your contacts, which can date as long as 30 days back. When you have done this, you can re-sync up your gadget with your Google account and recover each and every contact of yours.

Note: f your contacts are showing up in Gmail yet not on your phone, see the steps given or potentially attempt to re-sync up your Google account totally.

Recover Deleted Contacts on Android from gmail

In order to restore a backup of your Gmail contacts, go to your inbox and select “Contacts” from the dropdown menu on your left-hand side.

Once you have seen the list of your contacts (or not), click on “More” to get to the dropdown menu, and then you need to select the option “Restore contacts…”

recover Android contacts backup in gmail

As you are done with the other steps, presently you should see this pop-up window, where you can choose a backup, which can go back as long as 30 days. If this strategy worked for you, proceed and re-synchronize your Google account on your Android gadget and this ought to be a great idea to go. In the event that it didn’t work, we should investigate some different alternatives.

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3) Restore through Nandroid Backup (Root Required)

  • Requirements

So as to have the option to make a Nandroid backup, your Android gadget must be rooted and needs a custom recovery instrument. In the event that your gadget isn’t rooted, don’t stress and look at our rooting how-to.

recover Android contacts backup with Nandroid

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  • Go into recovery

To get into your recovery, you first need to boot your gadget into the bootloader. With numerous gadgets, this should be possible by turning it on holding down the volume down and power button. However, since it relies upon what gadget you have, here’s a list with all the various approaches to boot into bootloader.

When you are done with that, just navigate with your volume button to “Recovery mode” and select this option. Presently your gadget will reboot into your custom recovery.

  • Do the Nandroid backup

When you’re inside the backup it’s easy, regardless of what you are utilizing ClockWorkMod or TWRP as recovery. Here are the two unique, yet similar approaches from here.


  • Go to the “Backup” option.
  • Pick the contacts you need to back up. In case you don’t know what to pick, just leave the default choices.
  • Make the backup by swiping to the right side at the bottom.
  • Your gadget should now perform the backing up procedure, when that is done you can reboot your gadget.


  • Go to the “Backup and Restore” option.
  • Now choose “Restore”
  • Your gadget ought to start the backup now.
  • After effective completion, choose “Return” and select “Reboot system now” to reboot your gadget.

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4) Move the Nandroid Backup to a PC

Now, on the basis of a number of applications and records you installed, your backup might take some space. To avoid that, you can move the entire Nandroid backup to your PC and erase it on your gadget. Whenever you need to restore it in your gadget, you just need to move it back.


Associate your gadget to your PC and go to the TWRP folder on your gadget. An organizer containing your backup will be found inside it.  After you effectively duplicated the folders, you can erase the one on your gadget.


The methodology is equivalent to above. The area of CWM backups is typically situated in/media/data/clockworkmod/backups. This implies that the data folder is located in the root folder, not the SD card folder. Many people have been reported that they were not able to “see” the backed-up documents and, accordingly, not able to duplicate them. One methodology is to utilize your preferred Android record pioneer application and duplicate the backup folder to another, for example, your camera organizer “DCIM”. Now, check this folder through your PC to check whether the backup is noticeable.

Restore your gadget utilizing your Nandroid backup

That is a simple one too. Basically, boot into recovery, select “Backup” or “Backup and Restore” in CWM and pick the option to restore. Now you can make your choice for the backup you need to utilize and restore it in your gadget. When it is done, reboot your gadget and you’re finished!

Check your Android gadget’s contacts database file (root required)

In the event that, you haven’t cleaned your gadget totally, there is yet a chance of restoring your lost or erased contacts by checking if the old contacts database record is stored somewhere down in your phone storage.

Depending upon your Android version and producer, you will discover your database in various areas in your storage. For stock Android gadgets like the Nexus 5, the database document ought to be situated here:


The key that you are searching for is providers.contacts/databases. To get to this folder straight from your gadget, introduce an SQLiteManager, which has a feature to get into your Android gadget’s database documents and open .db documents.

In the event that you can discover this folder on your gadget and it’s vacant, it implies that your contacts are gone away for good.

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Wrapup about how to recover deleted contacts on Android device

These are the various ways through which you guys can get your contacts back without putting much of your effort and time. I hope you guys have found your solution from this article and just waiting to try it on your phones and computers. Get Set Go! Guys, go check out the best that suits you and come back to find more such helpful articles.

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