How to play pokemon on android tablet?

Interest in the Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) is soaring, and for good reason. The game is a strategic puzzle adventure that forces players to think ahead and make the most efficient moves. Playing the game on a mobile device offers an immersive experience that can’t be found on a computer screen. So if you’re looking to get into the game, here are some tips for playing pokemon on android tablet. ###

What is Pokemon GO?

Pokemon GO is a new augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic, Inc. and released on July 6, 2016. As the title suggests, the game centres around the capture and management of Pokemon creatures in urban environments. Players use their mobile devices to locate and capture animated creatures (usually depicted as versions of popular video game characters such as Pikachu or Charmander) that appear on the screen as if they were standing in real-world locations. The aim of the game is to “catch ’em all,” by collecting specific types of Pokémon that appear in different places throughout the player’s area.

Players can also battle other players’ teams for control over gyms, which are special locations where players can train their team of pokemon to become stronger. In addition to regular gameplay activities, players can also access areas called “PokeStops” which offer rewards for playing in designated areas for a certain amount of time.

How to Play Pokemon GO on an Android Tablet

If you own an Android tablet, chances are you’re already familiar with the popular app Pokémon GO. Now, we’re going to show you how to play the game on an Android tablet using a Windows emulator.

First, download and install the Windows emulator from Once it’s installed, open it and click on the “Pokémon GO” icon. You’ll see a screen that looks like this:

To start playing the game, select “Battle”. You’ll be prompted to select a player character and then you’ll be brought into a battle! If you win, your opponent will lose points and may even faint, so be sure to use your strategy wisely!

Tips for catching more Pokemon

1. When playing pokemon on an Android tablet, it’s important to remember that your character moves a little slower than in the game console versions of the game. Additionally, you’ll want to be aware of your surroundings in order to maximize the chances of encountering wild pokemon.

2. One way to increase your chances of catching a wild pokemon is to use a lure option in the game. By selecting this setting, you can make your character go out into the open and appear more likely to be targeted by a wild pokemon.

3. If you’re looking for specific types of pokemon, it might be helpful to try visiting different areas at different times of day or night. For example, during the daytime, you might want to explore areas with lots of water sources while at night time try searching for areas with abundant amounts of dark monsters such as ghost type pokemon or darkrai.


If you’re a fan of the popular video game series, Pokémon, then you’ll want to check out our guide on how to play the game on your Android tablet. In this article, we will show you step-by-step how to install the Pokémon Go app and get started playing. We also have a few tips for getting the most out of your experience while playing. So whether you’re a first-time player or an experienced player looking for some new challenges, make sure to read through our guide and jump into the world of Pokémon!

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