How to permanently disable incognito mode on android?

Engaging with the internet is a necessary part of life. We use it to shop, socialize, and work. However, there are times when we need to keep our personal information confidential–like when we’re shopping or banking privately. But what if you want to take your incognito browsing one step further? What if you want to make sure no one can track your movements online even when you’re not using your normal browser? In this blog post, we will show you how to permanently disable incognito mode on Android devices. This way, you can trust that your online activities are private and secure.

What is incognito mode?

Android devices come with a built-in privacy mode that can be used to browse the internet privately. This mode is called “incognito.”Normally, when you open a website in incognito mode, Google will not track your browsing history. However, there are some cases where you might want to disable this feature completely. below are five ways to disable incognito mode on Android:

1. Go to Settings and select Privacy>Security>Incognito Mode.
2. Tap the toggle button next to “Allow incognito browsing” to turn it off.
3. Open the App Drawer and long press an app until it opens its shortcut menu. from the shortcut menu, choose “Disable Incognito” if you want to disable incognito mode for all apps on your device or “Enable Incognito” if you just want to disable it for this particular app.
4. Open the System Settings and select General>Privacy>Content providers>Google>. Under “When using Google services,” tap on “Manage settings.” Under “Use incognito,” uncheck the box next to “Incognito browsing.”
5. Open Chrome and go to chrome://settings/privacy (or chrome://applications/settings). Under “Using profiles,” select the profile you want to use and under “Disable activities,” uncheck the box next to “Include activity in history.”

How to disable incognito mode on android?

If you’re looking for a way to disable incognito mode on your Android device, there are a few different ways that you can go about it.

One option is to go to the Settings app and scroll down until you see the Privacy section. Inside of this section, you will be able to toggle the “Enable Incognito Mode” switch to off.

Another option is to use a third-party app like Private Internet Access (PIA). PIA allows you to enable or disable incognito mode on a per-session basis, so you can easily change your mind if you decide that you want incognito browsing back in.

whichever method you choose, make sure that your privacy is always top priority on your Android device—and remember to keep your password secure!


If you’re like many people, you use incognito mode on your android phone to browse the web and conduct other activities without being tracked or monitored. However, if you want to stop using incognito mode for good, there is no easy way to do so. The best solution is to change your Android’s security settings so that it will not allow any anonymous browsing. However, this can be a bit complicated and time-consuming to do. If you’re looking for an easier way to disable anonymous browsing on Android, check out our list of the best VPNs for android. These apps will allow you to browse the internet anonymously and protect your privacy from prying eyes.

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