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How to Live Stream Pubg on YouTube from Mobile

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The popularity of PUBG(Player Unknown’s Battleground) has reached the sky and it is millions of users around the world are playing this action game from their devices on various platforms like PC, Mac, Android & iOS smartphones. Many players also love to stream their game live on various online platforms. If you want to stream your game but you don’t know how to stream it online we are here with a proper guide on How to Stream Live Pubg on YouTube.

There are multiple ways you can stream PUBG live, you just need to select your platform and software or application that will help you to stream it Live.

The most important thing that needs to be taken into consideration is where do you want to stream the gameplay. Before streaming it live, learn what the majority of the users do. How they interact with the audience, how they reward them and how they built their communities over time. For Indians, the most preferred platform is wither go to Live on YouTube or go Facebook Live.    Many of them prefer to stream in Hindi on YouTube which is quite entertaining as well.

One more platform apart from Youtube and Facebook Live is Twitch. It is a more mature platform where players can stream their gameplay Live. Twitch is the best option to stream it live and you can only stream in English in it. This platform can help you to connect with global audiences rather than the specific regional audience.

How to Stream Live PUBG on YouTube:

Step 1: Decide where to Stream
As mentioned above there are multiple platforms where you can stream your gameplay live. You need to decide whether to go on YouTube, Facebook Live or Twitch or on any other platform. 

Step 2: Get the Stream Key
The two things that are to be taken into consideration is to decide the platform or software  to stream and get the streaming key of the platform

Step 3: To Stream PUBG on YouTube From PC

How to Stream PUBG Live Create and Sign in to your Youtube Account. > Go to YOUR CHANNEL > Click On Creator Studio.

And scroll below to Encoder Setup to Copy your Server URL & Stream Key

Make sure not to share the stream key anywhere publicly. This will directly allow anyone to live stream on your channel.

Step 4: For Streaming PUBG Live on Twitch From PC

Sign up & Login to your channel.

Click on your profile on the top-right, and select Dashboard to go to live streaming dashboard.
How to stream pubg live

Click on Settings > Channel on the left sidebar.

Here under the Stream Key & Preferences, you’ll find your stream key.  Copy it to the clipboard, and let’s go to our next step of setting up the live streaming software of PUBG.

Step 5: Live Stream PUBG from MOBILE (Android or iOS)

There are various apps that can help you to stream live from your Android or iOS smartphones. Mobcrush the third party tool is the recommended app for this task. Mobcrush is an app for both Android & iOS, that lets you authenticate by logging into different services like Facebook Live, Twitter Periscope, YouTube & Twitch. you should customize by accessing Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls and Include Screen Recording from more options.

These were the various ways by which one can stream the PUBG gameplay live on different platforms.



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