How to install amazon video on android?

If you’re like most people, you probably watch a lot of videos on YouTube. And if you’re like most people, you probably use the Android platform to do so. That’s why it can be really useful to have an Amazon Video app on your Android device. Amazon Video is one of the better video streaming platforms out there, and it’s free for Prime members. So if you have an Android phone or tablet, check out this guide to installing Amazon Video on your device. It’s simple enough that even a beginner can do it!

What is Amazon Video?

Amazon Video is a video streaming service that lets you watch TV shows and movies on your phone or tablet. You can download the app from the Google Play store or the App Store.

To install Amazon Video, open the Google Play store on your phone or tablet and search for “amazon video.” Tap the Amazon Video icon to open the app. If you need help finding it, Amazon provides a guide on its website.

Once you open the app, you’ll see two sections: Library and Watch. In the Library section, you’ll find all of your current subscriptions, including both Prime Instant Video and Amazon Video (non-Prime). If you have an existing Prime account, all of your videos will be in this section too. Tap a title to watch it.

In the Watch section, you’ll see new movies and TV shows that are available for streaming right now. To watch them, tap them to start playing. You can also add those titles to your library if you want to watch them later.

If you’re not already signed up for an Amazon Prime account, you can get one at Once you have an account, all of your videos in the Watch section will be available with no ads.

How to install Amazon Video on Android

If you’re looking to add Amazon Video to your Android device, there are a few different ways to do it. The easiest way is to install the Amazon Video app from the Play Store. If you don’t have an Amazon account, you can create one before downloading the app. Once you have the app installed and registered, open it and click on the “Video” tab. From here, select “Add a Video Source.”

Next, select “Amazon Web Services.”

You’ll be asked to enter your Amazon credentials. After doing so, Amazon Video will be added as a video source and you’ll be able to start streaming videos right away. If you prefer not to use your Amazon account, you can also use third-party video apps that streams content from services like YouTube and Hulu.

How to watch Amazon Videos on your Android device

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, and your Android device supports streaming videos from the Amazon Video app, then all you need is a Wi-Fi connection and an updated version of the app. After downloading and installing the latest update to the Amazon Video app, open it and sign in with your Amazon account credentials. Tap on the “Browse & Watch” tab at the top of the main screen, and select any of the thousands of movies or TV shows that are available for streaming.

To watch a movie or TV show offline on your Android device, first make sure you have downloaded it to your local storage by tapping on its title in the “Browse & Watch” tab. Then open the “Movies” or “TV Shows” application (depending on which one you installed), tap on the movie or show’s icon, and select “Download.” You’ll then be prompted to choose a destination where you want to save it: either on your device’s internal storage, SD card, or Cloud Drive.

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