How to find out wifi password on android?

WiFi is a popular way to connect to the internet on your phone or tablet. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to find their wifi password. In this post, we will show you how to easily find your wifi password on Android devices. Simply open the Settings app on your device, and then tap on WiFi. On the next screen, you will see all the active wireless networks in your area. Find the network you want to connect to, and then enter the password for that network. You can also view your current internet usage and other settings on this screen.

How to find wifi password on android

There are many ways to find wifi password on android. One way is to go to the settings of your device and select “wi-fi”. There, you will be able to see the name of the network and the password associated with it.

How to erase wifi password on android

If you’ve forgotten your wifi password on your Android device, here’s how to erase it.
1. Tap the “Settings” button on your device.
2. Under “WiFi,” tap the “Wifi Password” option.
3. Enter your current wifi password and tap the “Change Password” button.
4. Type in a new, strong password and tap the “OK” button.
5. To confirm the new password, re-enter it and hit the “OK” button again.

How to change wifi password on android

Android devices come with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities that allow you to connect to networks and access the internet. In order to connect to a network, you will need to know the wifi password.
In this tutorial, we will show you how to find out the wifi password on an Android device.
1. Open your Android device’s Settings app.
2. Under “Wi-Fi,” tap on the network you want to connect to.
3. Under “Password,” enter the password that corresponds to the network you want to connect to.
4. Tap on “Connect.” If everything went well, your device will now be connected and display the network’s name and SSID (name of the wireless network).

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