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How to find out where the photo was taken on Android?

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Do you ever look at a phone and wonder when the photo was taken? This is a pretty common thing that we often encounter with. However, if you are using an Android device, then you will easily be able to figure out where a picture was taken. So the question is, How to find out where the photo was taken on Android?

Well, in case if you have the same question running in your head, then I am here to help you out. In this article, I am going to talk about all the steps that you have to follow to figure out the location of a picture.

How to find out where the photo was taken on Android?

How to find out where the photo was taken on Android

So here we go, Let’s dive deep into the topic and find out the correct answer

Take help from EXIF Data

EXIF data is a form of metadata that can be found in some JPEG and TIFF images. In case if you have used a device that comes with a GPS unit. There is a high chance that the image will capture the GPS coordinates into the EXIF data.

As a result, your job will be to search for the coordination on Google Maps, and you will soon get to know where the photo was taken.

It is a pretty easy job that anyone can do using an EXIF data extractor. However, if you have an image from social media websites like Facebook or Twitter, then extracting EXIF data from images is quite hard. Because these websites simply remove EXIF data to prevent privacy violations.

However, as long as the image belongs to your Android device only, you are on the safer side.

Search GPS Coordinates On Google Map/Street View

Finding a location based on GPS coordinates is a pretty easy job. Thanks to Google Maps, which supports raw GPS coordinates. As a result, you can enter a GPS location, and you will get to know about the exact location.

Also, to help you further, Google has excellent instructions on how you can do it, what the format should be and so on.

Reverse Image Search 

By using a reverse image search, you can also find where the photo was taken. There are quite a lot of reverse image search services are available on the internet. However, there is no guarantee that you will figure out the exact location of a picture.

But it helps you with additional information which you can use to find the location of a picture. For example, you might find tags, captions, contact details, and other sources.

Convert The Image Into Search Terms

You may not get sufficient help by reversing an image. Hence, it is better to convert the image into search terms. The best way to do this is to look at your picture and then come up with words to describe it.

After that, put those search terms into Google and head over to the image result section. If you are lucky enough, you will get the original picture in the search results.

However, you may not get success at one go only. Hence, I would advise you to come up with different keywords or search terms to describe the image.

Check For Landmarks Or Other Clues

If any of the above methods do not work for you, then you can check for landmarks or other clues. You better look at your image carefully for things and try to Google them. It might be any shop, location or some spot that you can describe.

Ask The Internet For Help

The last thing that you can do is ask the internet for further help. If you cannot find the picture location in any way. Then it would be a good idea to ask people on the internet. Websites like Twitter and Facebook is a great place to start. Even, you can try out Reddit or different forums where people gather online.

Of course, the chances of finding the exact location of a picture is quite hard. But there is no harm in asking people. You need to try everything that is possible.

Final Words:

 So that was the answer to your How to find out where the photo was taken on the Android question. Now go ahead and check these methods out and see how they are working for you. Also, for any questions, do comment below.

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