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How to do Group Video Calling on Zoom

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Wondering how to do group video calling on zoom? If your answer is yes, then I am here to help you out. Zoom has earned the reputation of the best and reliable video conferencing tool. And there are quite a lot of companies, businesses, institutions, and individuals who are using the software.

How Many Users Can Use Zoom At Once?

How Many Users Can Use Zoom At Once

Also, the best part of the zoom is that it allows you to have meetings involving up to 100 users with the free version only. However, apart from all the features, there are quite a lot of people who are not sure how to do group video calling on Zoom.

So let me just go ahead and answer the question for you:

How to do group video calling on zoom

How to do group video calling on zoom

1) Connect your webcam

The first thing that you need to do is connect your webcam. If you are using a Laptop, then there is already a webcam embedded with your laptop. However, in case if you are using a desktop computer, then you better go ahead and connect your webcam at first to start doing a group video call.

2) Sign up for Zoom

The second step is to sign up for Zoom if you have not already. You can sign up on the website by going to After that, click on the signup, it’s free and then enter your email address and follow all the other screen instructions.

You will receive a confirmation email in your email inbox, and after that, you can use that link for creating your password. Also, you will be able to use the link to invite people for group chatting.

3) Download Zoom software

Once you are done creating your Zoom account, you have to click on the resources menu and then Download Zoom client. So download the software on your computer and install it.

Even if you do not wish to download the app, you can use browser extensions for Firebox and Chrome. As well as you will find apps from your Android and iOS app. But using the Zoom desktop client is much more convenient.

4) Host a meeting

After downloading the Zoom client, run through the installation process. After that, click on Sign in button. But before you really go ahead and enter your email address and password, you have to click on the “New Meeting button” to start hosting a video conference.

And you will soon enough get to see that the footage from your webcam is being displayed. Also, you will get prompted to test your speakers and microphone. You can invite people to join your meeting by clicking the Invite button and sending emails from the app.

5) Schedule a meeting

The best part of Zoom is that you can also schedule a meeting. This is a pretty useful feature if you are setting up a meeting or an online classroom. So to do this, on the first screen of the Zoom application, click on the schedule button and then fill in the details such as date, time, and topic. Also, choose the calendar through which the meeting will be organized.

6) Join a meeting

There are quite a lot of ways to join a meeting. If you receive an email or calendar invite to a meeting. All you have to do is click on the link it contains to start taking part. Also, you can click on the join button on the main Zoom screen and enter a meeting ID or personal link name that has already been shared with you. Also, you will have the option to connect using video, audio, or both, as can anyone else involved in the meeting.

8) Screen recording and sharing

video call screen recording on zoom app

In case if you are the host of a meeting, you can click on the record button at the bottom of the screen to record the video of a meeting.

Also, other participants can only initiate recording with the permission of the host. Along with the Zoom also has a bunch of other options for sharing the screen, you can also open a whiteboard that everyone can write or draw on and so many other features.

Final Words:

So that was the answer to your question, How to do group video calling on zoom. Overall, to create a zoom group video call, you will need to share the group link with other participants and then they will be able to join in. Anyway, if you wish to ask any more questions, then do feel free to comment below.

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