How To Deactivate Snapchat Account Permanently

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Want to deactivate your Snapchat account permanently? Well, as you know Snapchat is a really fun application in which whatever the users send to each other are time bound. This messaging app ensures that all the pictures and videos that you exchange with people are visible only for a particular amount of time and then gets deleted. So it stays just for a few seconds with the recipient after which it permanently gets deleted. However, the snapchat craze has subdued considerably over the years and nowadays it is no longer used by so many people. So if you too are bored with the app then it’s time to let go of the attachments and bid goodbye to it. So how can one deactivate the snapchat account? Well, the good part is that snapchat has made it equally easier for the users to delete their account as they have to dissolve the messages in the application.

How To Deactivate Snapchat Account Permanently

How To Deactivate Snapchat Account Permanently

So are you ready to let go of your snapchat account? Sometimes it can be in the best interest to forget everything and start afresh with a new account. So if you are mentally prepared for it, then there are two super easy ways in which one can delete their snapchat account in no time. Take a look at both and apply the one that seems easier for you, so take a look.

The First Method to deactivate Snapchat Account

1) The first thing that you need to know is that you cannot delete your snapchat account from the app present in your mobile. So in order to deactivate the account, you will need to do it from the webpage.

2) So firstly head to the link link from any browser that you feel like. Chrome works just fine in order to do this.

3) After this step, you will need to enter the snapchat username that you have along with the existing password of your account.

4) You will need to tick mark on the box to confirm the fact that you are not a robot.

5) After the verification is done, the next thing you will need to do is to select the login option that is going to be visible over there.

6) Once again you will need to enter the username and the password to your snapchat account. This is the final time that you will be entering it.

7) Scroll down, and you will come across the delete my account option that is present right at the bottom of the page.

8) Click on that option, and it will be done, your account will be deleted easily in these super easy steps.

One thing that you will need to keep in mind is that snapchat will keep all the data that you had in your account for 0 days after your deactivation. This will be kept just in case you feel like returning back to the app and using it again. If you feel like joining back, then you can simply enter your username and password and enter back to reactive the account. On the other hand, if this time limit is crossed you, then you will never be able to recover the account that you have deactivated.

The Second Method Of Deactivating Snapchat Account

1) For the second method to delete the snapchat account, you will need to open from the browser. Remember you can never deactivate the account from the app so the browser will be necessary if you feel like deactivating snapchat.

2) Log in to the snapchat account from the web browser. Chrome or any other browser will work fine; the followings steps need to be done after you have logged in.

3) Scroll down, and you will find the company section over there. Click on the company section to reveal their support option that you will see.

4) Choose the support option and then click on the learning the basics button which you will also find over there.

5) From there you will need to choose the account setting option.

6) The account settings option over there will expand, and you will see a lot of things on the menu. Choose the delete an account option that you find over there.

7) Click on that option, and it will be done, your account will be deleted easily in these super easy steps.

So these are the two best and easy methods by which one can deactivate their snapchat account permanently and lead a simple life without any applications. However, you need to keep in mind that for 30 days all of your account information will remain and anyone can log back in whenever they feel like. So you can say that you have deactivated the account in a true sense after these 30 days have passed.

Wrapping It All Up on how to deactivate snapchat account permanently

So that was all about how one can delete their snapchat account in two ways. Both the ways are highly functional and work absolutely fine. The only drawback of deletion of the snapchat account is that one needs a desktop and a web browser in order to do that. So if you need to delete the account urgently and you don’t have any pc lying around you at the moment, sadly you will have to borrow it from a friend and head to a cyber café to get the work done easily.

So have you followed this guide and deleted your snapchat account yet? If no then you need to do it at the soonest possible time for you will be amazed at how relieved you are going to feel with little to no social media interaction. Also, you can join back in with the same email id and phone number whenever you feel like. So time to take the strong decision and delete your beloved snapchat account because to hell with all the apps that are distractive in the day to day lives. So don’t delay it and do it at the soonest to get the most immediate and effective results of snapchat deactivation.


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