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How to Clear Cache and App Data on Android

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If you use an Android smartphone you may have probably heard about the words ‘Cache’ and ‘App Data’. Someone might also recommend you to delete cache and app data regularly. Doing this can help you with many problems. But should you always clear cache and app data? Does it actually make any improvements? How to clear cache and app data on Android? well, let’s find out everything in this article.

What is Cache?

How to Clear Cache and App Data on Android

If you want to know how to clear cache and app data on Android then you should have a basic idea of the cache and app data. The cache is nothing other than temporary files that are produced by apps and websites. Cache is used to quickly load something in the memory which the app might require multiple times.

For example, suppose you are using Instagram it can actually cache some of the photos and videos from your feed. This way, it will not need to load the photos and videos over the internet every time you open the app. This indeed helps if you have a slow internet connection. As the app already caches a part of your feed it can directly load without needing to download the photos again from the internet. This way it saves your time and data by not loading the same thing again and again. Now every app caches data individually. Cached files of an app will not work with another. Once the app decides that the cached files are no longer useful the cached files are discarded.

Why Should You Clear Cache?

These files then just sit in your device’s memory and eat a fair chunk of the storage. Most applications, games, and websites these days cache files on your device in order to give you a faster experience. But it is also worth noting that cache keeps growing with time. The apps keep caching new files and after the usage discards it. Then again it starts caching new files and the cycle continues.

Once the cache is discarded, it just stays in the memory. The continuous process of caching creates a lot of discarded cache. This discarded cache takes a lot of space in the storage and thus it is better to clear the cache of apps after a regular interval of time.

At times, the old caches become corrupt and that might create problems in the app. Old and corrupt cache files are also a potential threat to security and privacy. The cache files from apps and browsers might contain sensitive information so it is better to clear cache at times.

Should You Clear Cache Regularly?

Clearing the cache regularly might seem very useful to you. However, there’s a reason cache is generated in the first place. As I mentioned, the cache helps in reducing load time and also saves internet data. Also, these days Android system comes with a built-in mechanism to delete unused files. Many devices come with preinstalled cache memory cleaners which periodically cleans your system. Though, you can clear cache files, if they become corrupt and the apps start to malfunction. You can also clear cache if you are running low on storage.

What is App Data?

How to Clear Cache and App Data on Android

Now that you are advancing on this tutorial of how to clear cache and app data let’s move ahead. As you might already guess from the name, app data is nothing other the data that your app saves. Obviously, this important for the app to function as the application saves all the necessary files in that directory.

Now you might be thinking what does clearing app data do to an app. Clearing the app data will just erase all the data that the application had gathered. It will just move back to the default state. Like for example, removing app data of Spotify will erase all the downloaded music (though your playlists will stay intact as they are hosted online) and will reset the app to its default state.

Should You Clear App Data?

Now before you skip to the how to clear cache and app data on Android part let me clear out a few things. As I mentioned, clearing the app data will result in resetting the app. The application will go back to the factory settings or it will be like the first time you downloaded. Clearing app data will also delete your personal data from the application.

Now there are cases where you might want to clear the app data. Like if you are out of memory and if the app is taking a lot of space you might want to delete the app data. Doing it will free up some space for you while also keeping the app. However, be sure to check whether or not it contains anything important before doing that. You can also clear the app data to reset an app to its default state if it is malfunctioning or lagging a lot.

How to Clear Cache and App Data on Android?

Clearing the cache and app data is very simple. Indeed it just takes a few steps for the operation to complete. Here is how to clear cache and app data on Android.

  • Go to the Settings Menu.
  • Click on Apps.
  • Find the All tab (In case your system doesn’t show you all apps by default).
  • Choose the app that you want to remove its app data or cache.
  • Click the button Clear Cache. On Android 6.0 Marshmallow or newer on your device then you’ll need to click on Storage and then Clear Cache.
  • To clear the app data instead of the cache, simply select Clear Data instead.

That’s it, it is how you can delete the cache or app data of a single app. However, if you want to remove the cache of multiple apps at once then follow these steps.

  • Go to the Settings Menu.
  • Click on Storage.
  • Then tap on Free up Space.
  • Finally, tap on Temporary Files and there you will see cached data.
  • Now, delete the cache from there.

However, clearing all the cache at once might not be available to everyone. It depends on your smartphone manufacturer.

There are many apps available on the play store which claims to delete the cache files and improve the speed of your phone. However, I prefer not to use them as they contain hell lot of ads and take up a lot of space. I would prefer to clear the cache on my own if I have to do it. So this was how to clear cache and app data on Android. Do you find this tutorial helpful? Let us know in the comments.

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