How to change your icons on android?

Icons are one of the most important elements of any user interface, and they play a big role in how users perceive an app or website. If an app or website looks cluttered and chaotic, it’s unlikely that users will stick around long. On the other hand, if an app or website uses well-chosen icons, it can help to streamline the user experience and make using the product easier. In this article, we’ll teach you how to change your icons on Android devices. ###

What are icons and how do they work?

Icons are small graphic files that represent different types of content on Android. When you tap on an icon, the app uses the icon’s file to display a representation of that content in the app.

To change your icons on Android, open the Settings app and select “Themes.” From here, you can select which icons you’d like to use and change their colors if desired.

How to change your icons on android?

To change your icons on android, go to “settings” and then “themes.” You’ll see a list of themes. Tap on the theme you want to use and then select “icon.” To change the icon for an app, go to that app’s folder (on your sdcard) and then find the icon file. Tap on the file to open it and then tap on the “icon” button. Select the new icon you want to use and then press save.


If you’re as excited about the new Android 8.0 Oreo update as we are, then chances are you’ve been looking for ways to change your icons on your device. Well, look no further! This guide will show you how to change your icons on an Android device running Oreo or later. Whether you want to adopt a new icon style or just want to switch up the default launcher icons, this guide has everything you need. So be sure to bookmark it and follow the steps outlined below!

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