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How to Change Fonts in Android Smartphone & Tablet

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How to Change Fonts in Android: Are you a crazy lover of Android Font changing? If it so, then you may prefer to learn that Android font comes in different styles and different operating techniques which make its users go crazy to learn the ways of changing Android fonts and enjoy every time the usages and ideas of how to get new, latest, fashionable, trendy android fonts. Many Android users would like to select their Android fonts, and some users love to change the fonts in their Android devices just for obtaining sheer pleasure. If you are also such kind of interested user and an Android lover, then this changing of fonts will be a nice start for you along with other exciting Android features.

How to Change Fonts in Android

How to Change Fonts in Android

Know About The Built-In System Of Androids

High-quality androids are the best to go. One time purchase but it would be worthy of money in every sense if you get to buy the right one with the best features. You will be amazed to know that such kind of Android devices are filled with inbuilt font changing elements which means once you dive in the settings and turn it on, your android fonts will automatically keep on changing without your any effort or click to the changing button of your screen. Isn’t it great to go? Well, you will love it and users who have such kind of Android devices then you must check out this feature if you still not in light about this information.

Steps To Learn For All Types Of Android Users Of Font Changing Technique

If you don’t have the inbuilt system in your Android device and regretting the features of high-quality Android, then you must pause for a while and go through thoroughly this page and learn the steps if you wish to enjoy the pleasure of Android font changing luxury.

1) Learn About Launchers- The best launching applications in Android devices must be your priority to select the Android fonts you wish to have in your device. First, start with searching in your Google playstore of your Android device and find out the best rating then check the size and if it is suitable for the space you have in your phone then don’t wait or over think. Just end the process of installing such Launcher with a simple click.

2) Change Your Font- After the download and the installation process of Launcher preferred and selected by you, go on to proceed on the font changing process-

  • Tap on Settings
  • Select the option written Home Screen.
  • After this, you will find out the style and layout option, and all you need to do is without giving a second thought of whether you should select or not you better tap n it and select.
  • And then end the process with selecting your favorite label font for your Android Smartphone or whatever Android device you have and then click on done to see the magic you have chosen for your home screen.

Isn’t this a natural process to learn? Don’t you love it? Well, you must be wondering that through your Android device can be subjected to change fonts by the simple process shown above but still it is not working for your Android device then don’t give up thinking to opt out this process. Yes, you have another way to do that. You can have another chance to get a fantastic font of your choice with another simple method.

3) Proceed On This Following Explained Steps For Another Method Of Changing You Android Font-  

  • Dive into the settings option.
  • You will see a Launcher option, tap on that.
  • Find out the option of App drawer and tap on it.
  • After that, you will see icons option which is written as ‘Icon and Drawer Layout,’ on finding this you have to click on it to proceed to the next step.
  • Finally, your Label Font option will be displayed. Now pick the one you are crazy about and then tap select to enjoy your beautiful font in your App drawer.

4) Change Your Font On Your Android Phone’s Folder-

  • Go for the settings first, then click on the Launcher you have installed in your phone.
  • Select on the folder option in your Android device.
  • Then you only have to scroll down a little and don’t wait to tap on the Selecting button of Label Font.
  • Pick your choice which you wish to select for your phone’s folder and then click on done.

5) Change Your Launcher’s Font In Android By The Following Steps-

  • First, find the Tools App in your launcher and click on it.
  • Your launcher will be opened.
  • You will find a Preference icon and tap on it.
  • Scroll down a little and click on the personalization option.
  • Click on the Font.
  • Now select the one which you like and tap on done and you are all set to go with enjoying your new font.

6) Know About System Fonts In Android- If you are thinking of manually changing your Android fonts then inside your system directory option, you will find that there are many kinds of fonts to select for your system. In case if you want to replace your old fonts with the new ones in your Android then secure a backup copy so that if you don’t like the new one, you can restore your old fonts.

It’s Not Difficult

Now if you realize how easy it is to change different font styles for your device then don’t wait. Go through your Android phones and accessories that you have and start scrolling and experimenting the steps that you learn from here to explore new font styles and enjoy the sheer pleasure of new fonts frequently on your Android device.

But you must be careful of the harmful launchers and don’t install them without full confirmation of its safety for your device.

We hope all your doubt’s about How to Change Fonts in Android are solved now.

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