How to Change App Icon For Android

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Apps that we download according to our preferences and necessities are downloaded by keeping the features and functions of that particular application. But have you ever looked at the icon of the app, sometimes you love the functionality of the app, but at the end of the day are always taken aback by the icon of the particular app? Sometimes you cant gather on to the thoughts that what the developer was thinking while they were creating this icon. Luckily, if you have got an android, you have the other way round. You being an android user can never get bored of it, thanks to the customization offering numerous layouts, themes, fun backgrounds when you get tired of one. If you feel that you are bored app icons, then you must try any of either option listed below to change the app icons.

How to Change App Icon For Android

How to Change App Icon For Android

Precisely, there are two ways to change the icon of the app you dislike; you can either turn it by using a launcher or by using an icon pack that is available for free on play store. Moreover, these apps do not even require rooting of your android phone.

Change App Icon For Android Using a launcher

There is a quite extensive list of options when it comes to choosing a launcher which you can download for free from play store. You can select it by keeping in mind the design, theme, and layout of the launcher and the way it looks. You must even check the feedbacks and reviews of the particular launcher your planning to download and when selected, download the app from the play store and then install it later.

After installing the launcher, you will be asked to give individual permissions, and then you can launch it by pressing the home button. Choose the launcher you selected and make it default and later depending upon the launcher you use; you can further change the settings of the following per your screen.

Previous users will be able to import the settings accustomed to the earlier used launcher, and in case you have not installed it earlier, you may need to spend a couple of minutes bringing some particular wizards on your home screen.

Some launchers even allow you to choose an image from your gallery to use as an app icon (for instance- Nova launcher). With such fantastic levels of flexibility of using the photos or other new app icons whichever you prefer. Launchers, along with them, bring a wide range of themes, wallpapers, apps that one can dress and customize your device the way you like it to be. Sometimes you might get disappointed a bit by the ads they consistently show but in case you are an explorer who loves to experiment with their phone looks.

Change App Icon For Android Using 3rd party app

Some users are not comfortable or handy with the usage of launchers but are in favor of changing the app icons and give their phones a new feel and touch. In a situation like this, usage of the apps is more suited when you are not likely to change the skin of your phone. There are various apps like ‘Awesome Icon,’ ‘Icon Changer,’ or more that assist you in improving the app icons you prefer. The steps may vary depending on the apps that you download. Most of the apps that you download are directly installed, and then you need to open the installed app and choose the applications whose icons you prefer to change. Moreover, some apps give you the option to change the names also, which proves to be a fun way of inheriting your phone with a new dignified look.

Sometimes these features can even help you from keeping the apps hidden and non-suspicious, for instance, the one you use for banking and payments or you may also use some applications that you tend to feel a little insecure to let your colleagues see. You can keep prying eyes away from your mobile without letting others know what is installed in the device.


Here is discussed an instance of the app, ‘Awesome icon’ which lets you change the icons you dislike without using a launcher. The app basically creates a shortcut that you can use instead of using the original application and can even move it to the preferred place on the home screen, even folders or docks.

The time you open the app, you will notice all of your pre-existing apps under one roof, under each app there will be numerous options of icons you can select from and the time you choose and press OK, there will be a new shortcut ready and waiting on your home screen. Furthermore, you can even change the name of the app if you are bored with the earlier name.

You can even conveniently change the or customize the theme according to your liking. You may dim the screen but keep the app icon outshined to find it easily. Also, you can increase the whiteness of the icons that one spots them quickly in the night vision. You are also accustomed to change the shortcut icon other than those present in the carousels by pressing the ‘+’ button in the bar atop to open a new custom shortcut and choose an icon of your wish.

The steps thus mentioned are quite simple and easy to follow, as well. All you need to do is, open the app, select the icon you want to change and then choose from the carousel and at last press, OK. A new shortcut ready to be used highlighting your phone status is in the way waiting for you.

There are some drawback features as well; this app won’t change the real app’s icon in the app drawer but are only useful in giving a neat and tidy look on your home screen.

Conclusion on how to Change App Icon For Android

The two above mentioned steps not only give a new feel but also get you rid off seeing the same app icons that you usually see and get sick off. You can change the images as often you prefer, and these two methods can be applied on the phone even if it isn’t rooted.

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