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How to Block Ads on your Android Device

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Many of the apps earn revenue from ad impressions and clicks. But for many of the users, these apps are very much annoying and sometimes these ads can also be very risky and malicious. Some of them just start playing a video or audio clip by itself while some create pop-ups. So for this problem, the thought that comes in everyone’s mind is how to block ads on your Android Device.

So the first question is that how can you block ads? There are multiple ways one can block the ads in their smartphone. If the site you visit show pop up ads regularly you can turn them off by or disable them by practicing a few methods.

Chrome Built-In Popup Blocker Options

Chrome is the default Android browser and it is also the most used browser among all the browser. In Chrome, there are options which allows you to disable these pop-ups.  You just need to change some settings and it will completely disable the pop-ups. To disable the pop-up ads, open Chrome, and tap on the three dots (Menu Button). Select Settings and go to Site Settings. 

Chrome Built-In Popup Blocker Options

It will then display the list of properties that describes how websites will interact with the device. In that list of properties, tap the Pop-ups and redirects and turn the slider off. Make sure that the slider changes to grey color and then Chrome will stop the pop-ups and the sites won’t be redirected to any other websites. In the list of properties, there is also an Ads option. You also need to turn the slider of this app off (turn it to grey color). This will make Chrome block all the intrusive or misleading ads on known spam sites.

There are also many apps available that can help you to block the ads. The apps that blocks the ads work on the DNS level that means that it only filters traffic for a brief moment when connections are first made, which is where all of the battery saving comes into play. One of the Apps To block the ads is DNS66.

Steps to enable DNS66

  1. Install DNS66:
    You can install DNS66 from F-Droid Repository. The app is available for free. Tap the link  that says “download apk.” Next, simply tap the Download complete notification to launch the APK, then press “Install” when prompted.

  2. Choose Domain Filters:
    Launch the app and you will first land on the Start tab. Then go to the Hosts tab at the top of the screen and select at least one ad-blocking file.

  3. Enable the VPN Service:
    Go back to the start tab in the Top menu and then tap on the “Start” icon near the bottom of the screen to start the VPN ad-blocking service. After that you need to press “Ok” on the popup to set DNS66 as your phone’s VPN service.

  4. Enjoy Your Favorite Apps Without Ads:
    The setting of the app are configured and now ads will be blocked in your browser and all the other apps according to the package you would have selected.

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