How to allow pop ups on android?

Popups are annoying. They’re intrusive and they take up precious screen space. And unfortunately, they’re all too common on Android devices. Luckily, there are ways to disable popups on Android without modifying your phone or risking any security risks. In this article, we will outline the various ways you can disable popups on Android, so that you can enjoy a truly unobstructed mobile experience.

What is a pop up?

A pop up is a temporary window that appears on your Android device when you tap on an ad or link in an email, text, or social media message. When you click on the pop up, it might take you to a different website or app.

To allow pop ups on your android device:
1. Open your Settings app.
2. Under “General,” tap “Privacy.”
3. Under “Web & App Content,” tap “Pop-ups.”
4. Enable the “Enable pop ups” option and specify how long you want pop ups to stay open (10-seconds, 30 minutes, or 1 hour).
5. Tap OK to save your changes.

How to allow pop ups on android?

There are a few ways to allow pop ups on android. The first way is to go to your device’s Settings menu and click on Apps. On the Apps screen, find the App that you want to allow pop ups from and tap on it. On the App’s settings screen, find the Pop Up option and turn it off.
A second way to allow pop ups is to go to your device’s Security Menu and tap on App security. On the App security screen, tap on Permissions and then tap on Pop Ups. You can now decide whether or not you want pop ups from this app allowed.

Why do we need to allow pop ups?

Pop-ups are an intrusive way to present content to users, and they can be a major annoyance. They’re also a common target for malicious actors, who can use them to steal user data or hijack the device. Android allows pop-ups in cases where they’re required for the user’s safety or convenience.

How to stop pop ups from appearing?

You can allow pop ups from certain websites or apps by following these steps:

1. Open the Settings app on your phone.
2. Go to Apps and select the app you want to allow popups from.
3. Tap on Permissions and then make sure Allow Popups is selected under the Allow section.
4. You can also choose whether you want to allow just ads or pop ups from all apps.


popup allows you to control when and how pop ups appear on your Android device. By default, they will only appear if you are using a compatible browser and you have accepted the Google Play Terms of Service. You can configure popup blockers to allow any website or app to open in a separate window, or as a fullscreen overlay.

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