How to Add Quiz Stickers to Instagram Stories

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Using Instagram Stories Stickers helps in increasing engagement with your fans on the App and it is also fun to know what they really love about your page and keeping this in mind, Instagram has gone all in to bring latest updates to increase the sticker craze and boost the performance of the photo sharing app owned by Facebook. Instagram has released new quiz stickers for Instagram stories. This is an addition to it’s already existing two different poll stickers.

The Quiz Sickers on Instagram has been rolled out and is live for users to post quick quiz with their followers. You can now ask multiple choice questions to your followers and also track the result of it. Isn’t this new feature interesting.

When your followers vote to you Quiz on Instagram Stories, they wil be able to see if they gave correct answer or not and also you can see how many votes each option received in your quiz and what answer was selected by the user.

Ready to take quiz with your followers? Below we have listed complete details on how to use quiz stickers on Instagram Stories and increase the engagement.

How to Use the Instagram Stories Quiz Sticker

Instagram Stories Quiz Sticker

You can easily select the colour of your quiz. Just customize it by tapping on the colour wheel which is located at the top of the screen

instagram quiz sticker

Once you are done, just share it as your story and see what your followers are answering.

When someone is is answering the quiz they will instantly know after answering if they have given right answer or now.

Below is example of correct answer of Instagram quiz

instagram quiz sticker answer

Below is example of what happens when your follower gives wrong answer on your story.

quiz story on instagram

To find out the result of your quiz you just have to swipe up to open the viewer just the way you see how many people have seen your story.

instagram quiz story sticker result

We hope you now know how to add quiz stickers to Instagram stories very quickly and increase engagement. You can post quiz stories in different ways to increase the engagement.

For example if you are launching a new product then you can ask followers to guess the correct answer and then you can give them gift hamper or more.

We hope you liked our article on how to add Quiz Stickers to Instagram Stories. If you have any doubts then kindly comment below or you can also message us on our social media handles.

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