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How To Activate Dark Mode In Chrome Android?

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Android Chrome Dark Mode

After a long score of waiting, Chrome for Android finally launches its dark theme for everyone. Until now it was only available through the Android 10 settings.

Chrome is updated to version 79 and its main feature is the dark theme. Now it reaches the browser settings so that it can be activated manually from any version of Android. The update will arrive within this week.

How To Activate Dark Mode In Chrome?

As soon as Chrome is updated to the latest version, the user has to open the browser and access Settings> Themes to customize the color of the interface. Here are the simple steps to follow:

  • First, Open the Google Chrome Browser.
  • On the top right, tap three dots and select Settings Themes.
  • Now choose the theme you want to use: Dark Theme or Light theme.

Android Chrome Dark Mode

Chrome for Android offers us three options: light, dark and system default. The default mode is activated, which by default is the light theme until the dark theme is activated from the system or the device enters the battery saver.

Chrome’s dark theme dyes its entire interface dark gray, including its navigation bar, menus, and settings. It is expected that it will also enable the dark theme of web pages to be activated.

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