How Much Data Does YouTube Use in One Hour

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Searching for How Much Data Does Youtube Use? The best platform for watching videos on our devices is YouTube. YouTube is the video platform created by Google; YouTube is the world’s largest video library available for streaming in your devices. YouTube provides mostly each and every quality of videos on its platform. You can choose to select any resolution of videos which you want to watch in your devices, all the resolution is depending on the data usage. Usually, most of the users use Wi-Fi data for watching YouTube videos or any other data used in their devices.

How Much Data Does Youtube Use

youtube data usage

But in any case, you are using a limited data bundle, then you need to know about the data usage by the YouTube videos per hour. Most of the recent and trending videos are always found on the YouTube platform, and YouTube is mostly used on mobile devices. In case you don’t want to waste too much data on your YouTube videos, then you should read the complete article properly.

Confirmed Data Use on YouTube in on hour:

YouTube uses different data amount on different resolutions, so it is basically depending on the which quality of videos you are watching on your devices. We have provided the table for the detail usage according to the resolution of videos you are watching on your devices. Remember that, the lowest resolution of the video you will watch on your devices the lower data usage you will face.

Data Usage Table of YouTube in all Devices:

Video Resolution Hourly Data Usage
144p 86 MB per hour
240p 100 MB per hour
360p 180 MB per hour
480p 264 MB per hour
720p 870 MB per hour
1080p 1.65 GB per hour
1440p 2.5 GB per hour
2160p (4K) 3.9 GB per hour

As per the data table provided in this article, YouTube uses too much data with high-resolution videos in your devices. Statistically, most of the users usually choose the 720p or 1080p video resolution on YouTube. So basically, they will be using around 2 GB of data per hour in that video resolution settings. In case you are using limited data bundle, we will recommend you to go for the lower video resolution to conserve your data. Although watching the video in higher resolution gives better entertainment experience than any other resolution provided by YouTube.

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Suggestions for Conserving Limited Data on YouTube:

If you are using a limited data bundle on smartphone devices for watching YouTube videos, then we will recommend you reduce your data usage by the below-mentioned procedure. In case you are losing YouTube in your smartphone for watching videos, you need to open any video on your device and tap on the three vertical dots on the screen. Three vertical dots are located on the top right corner of the smartphone device.

Now from there you will get to see the settings of the video, tap on the quality to select the video quality of the video. Choose the video quality below 720p to watch videos on your device using fewer data. Smartphone devices do not require high-quality video resolution, you can even watch low-quality videos clearly in your smartphone devices. You can even restrict the data usage from the settings of your smartphone, in that way you can use any video resolution but it will restrict at a certain point of data usage on your device.

In case your using PC for watching videos on YouTube, then we will recommend you to use the low video resolution. Although PC users data bundle faster than smartphone devices, so we will recommend you to use a Wi-Fi connection or broadband for streaming YouTube videos on your devices.

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Conclusion on How Much Data Does Youtube Use

YouTube is the best platform for getting entertainment on any device at any time. YouTube is the collection of the largest video library in the world, every resolution of videos available for watching in your devices. Most of the videos on YouTube having the option to select the preferred resolution to be watched on your devices. In this article, we have provided you with the complete guidelines for conserving data usage while watching videos on the YouTube platform. Share this informative article with other YouTube users, so that they get to choose the amount of data being used for watching YouTube videos.

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