How Much Data Does PUBG Use in One Hour

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Everyone likes to play games in their devices in the free time, there are different kinds of game available in the market for you to play. Among those games, PUBG is the most played games and trending in the world right now. Most of the users are addicted to playing the PUBG game, the game is based on survival tactics. The objective of the game is to survive till the end and kill all the other players which are alive in your area. This game has gained lots of popularity in the last one year by getting banned in some region and then getting unbanned for all.

A maximum number of player deployment in the same area is 100, initially after a few minutes the size of the area gets restricted and you need to be the last one standing and survived. As the game is too much addictive for most of the users, a large amount of data is being used by the PUBG game. This is one of the difficult times for limited data bundle users, in case you don’t have a clear idea about how much data is being used by the PUBG. In this article, we will provide you with the details of the data usage by PUBG in one hour.

Confirmed PUBG Data Usage:

Most of the users usually play the PUBG game in their smartphone devices, the game is having 3 graphics settings which are mainly depending on the amount of data being used. Initially, most of the devices use the low settings of the graphics which uses fewer data. But most of the players want high-resolution gaming, so they can use the medium or high settings resolution while playing PUBG. Provided the table in order to get a clear view of the data usage by the PUBG on your devices.

PUBG Mobile Data Usage Table:

Graphics Resolution Hourly Data Usage
Low Graphics 15 MB – 18 MB per hour
Medium Graphics 30 MB – 35 MB per hour
High Graphics 45 MB – 50 MB per hour
Ultra-High Graphics 70 MB – 120 MB per hour

PUBG on PC Data Usage Table:

Graphics Resolution Hourly Data Usage
Low Graphics 100 MB – 160 MB per hour
Medium Graphics 230 MB – 400 MB per hour
High Graphics 520 MB – 800 MB per hour
Ultra-High Graphics 990 MB – 1.3 GB per hour

So basically, as per the table which has been confirmed by various active users, these are the amount of data is being used per hour while playing PUBG. We would definitely recommend you to go for the best settings which will preserve more data on your Android device. In some of the low-end devices, only 3 graphics settings are supported and even high graphics becomes laggy.

Recommendations for Conserving Limited Data while Playing PUBG:

If you are using Limited data bundle, then you need to use the lowest graphics settings on your device for less usage of data per hour. In most of the devices, PUBG initially selects the graphics settings depending on the hardware you are having. Although we will definitely recommend you to use the low or medium graphics settings in order to play PUBG with low data usage. Using fewer data can help you to play multiple times with the same amount of data which you waste on high graphics or ultra-high graphics.


But the best recommendation for playing PUBG game is on Wi-Fi, playing with unlimited data can help you use the highest graphics settings. In order to change the graphics settings on your device, launch the PUBG game and open the settings. Settings choose the graphics option and select the low or medium graphics settings. In case you are already using low or medium graphics settings, you don’t need to change anything and continue playing the PUBG on your devices.

We have also created a YouTube video in which we have explained how much data does PUBG uses and how long can you play PUBG on your smartphone with internet data pack.


Don’t worry about the data usage while playing PUBG on your devices, we have provided that clear estimate of the data being used by the PUBG in one hour. In case you are using limited data bundle, then you can always refer to this article and conserve your data. Choose the resolution settings which is recommended in this article for conserving more data if you are using limited data bundle on your devices. Share this informative article with other PUBG users, so that we get to conserve their data while playing the game in their devices.

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