HiSense Launches World’s First Smartphone With Color E-ink Display

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HiSense Colour E-Ink display

E-ink displays are well-known technology in the past. However, this is far from true. They are here to stay and even a manufacturer has decided to include it in their latest smartphone. HiSense, a company well-known for smart TVs, launched a smartphone with a color e-ink screen at CES 2020. In fact, this is one of the first implementations of its kind that we have ever seen on a smartphone.

According to Hisense, the process of producing e-ink displays for smartphones has developed in such a way that they can even be mass-produced. They also stated that the new panels have better refresh rates compared to their predecessors, and have more brightness. More often, it resembles a 5G technology smartphone.

A Ground Breaking Smartphone

HiSense Colour E-Ink display

Last year Hisense had already launched an e-ink smartphone called the A5. However, it was nothing out of this world because it was black and white and used the same technology that is present in most ebooks on the market. Now we finally have a color e-ink screen. The specifications of this phone are yet to be known. Still, if we follow the same steps as the previous model, we should be facing a piece of mid-range equipment. In any case, it is undoubtedly very interesting.

The first smartphone with e-ink support was launched in 2012. It was called YotaPhone and featured a color screen on the front and another e-ink on the back. As early as 2013, Onyx developed its own smartphone, which had only a single e-ink screen. The reception was friendly but sales very limited even for availability issues. Now the HiSense bet everything can change.

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