Google Translator Updated With Google Lens: Offline Mode With AI

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, Google translator is one of the most popular apps in the Android world. Thanks to AI, the application has received new improvements from Google Lens and is much smarter now.

There was a time when the Google translator was subject to criticism and even ridicule for the poor quality of its translations. Over the years it has evolved drastically, and although it still has room for improvement. It continues to evolve favorably with the advancement of Artificial Intelligence.

Instant Translation With Camera Reaches A New Level

Translation with the camera is one of the applications in which both augmented reality and artificial intelligence play a key role, and Google wants to continue demonstrating that it is a specialist in these areas.

For this reason, they have announced new features for the instantaneous translation of the camera with Google Lens. The main feature is an improvement in the support of languages, which goes from 88 to more than 100. From onwards, you can translate from any language to any other, whereas before it was only possible to translate only from any language to English and vice versa.

Automatic translation has reached the camera as well. This is a great milestone since previously you had to manually select the language of the translation. In terms of technical improvements, Google has integrated a neuronal translation engine into the camera. The objective of this neuronal engine is to reduce translation errors between 55 and 85{e951223a0ea25d5931a01327ec015e99dfdd9225e0301f59fc340eaba662c8a8}, a gigantic evolution. The best thing about this engine is that it is able to work without a connection. So we can translate with the camera if we have downloaded the source and destination languages. However, Google indicates that translations with an Internet connection are of higher quality.

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