Google Translate Will Teach Languages Using Flash Cards

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Google Translate flash cards feature

Learning a new language is quite difficult and pretty sure you always took help from Google Translate. Not only you, there are Millions of people who are using the app in every daily life. Now, its time for Google to implement much even better. So, that’s the idea of flashing cards came out.

Flashcards or learning cards are a method of learning any subject, including languages. It is a concept of showing a question on one side and the related response on the other. When studying languages, it is normal to include a word in a language on one side and its translation to the other.

According to the XDA Developers, Google is trying to integrate flashcards into the Google translator. So you can use the translation app to review vocabulary in other languages. The idea of this functionality is to reach the Google translator as an evolution of the vocabulary section. This is a new way to review the words or phrases that you have saved in Google Translate vocabulary. You can see how it works in this animation.

From the above GIF, a floating button will soon be added to the Google translator. It shows a pair of words and their translation as a succession of cards. You can see them in order or randomly.

Like every time, we don’t know when it will be available to users or if it will end up staying on the road. If one of your purposes for 2020 will be to learn languages, then keep listening. It is possible that you can rely on the Google Translator to achieve it.

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