Google Translate Starts Rolling Out With Dark Mode Feature

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Last year Google introduced Dark mode feature to all its applications except Google Translator. Now, it has finally started to activate the dark mode. More often, Google testing this feature on both Android and iOS.

Google Translator with dark mode feature is currently available in APKMirror and should soon arrive on Google Play. Apparently it is being activated from the server-side, so don’t expect to have it immediately after updating.

The fark mode is a classic one with a dark gray at the bottom, while the cards displayed include a light gray. This means that some texts such as languages do not have too much contract.

Only few users with Android 10 will get this feature. In iOS, it is more widely available for all the users with iOS 13. In addition, the feature is much more polished in iOS showing a good contrast and a consistent design.

To enjoy the dark mode in Google Translator, iOS users you only need to update to the latest version. And Android users must do the same and wait for it to be activated.

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