Google Prepares A Subscription Services Called Google Play Pass

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Google Play Pass

A few months ago, rumors were circulated about Google Play monthly subscription service to access paid applications. We didn’t know more about the idea since then … until now, when Android Police has revealed Google Play Pass with some working screenshots.

It is confirmed that the subscription includes only a few hundreds of paid apps and games without ads. In exchange, it costs nearly $ 4.99 + taxes. Users can also choose a ten-day trial period for free.

Google Play Pass

Probably, the leak also reveals the scope of Google Play Pass subscription. It does not offer access to all paid apps and games but limited to a few “hundreds” of apps. In the screenshots, you can see some games and apps like Stardew Valley, Monument Valley, Threes, Ticket to Ride, Marvel’s Pinball.

The reason behind not including all the apps may be one of its advantages. As, they are apps and games completely unlocked, without advertising or in-app purchases. More often, it is mentioned that integrated purchases are unlocked. It is an easy system to exploit, and perhaps the list of apps and games is initially limited.

Google Play Pass

Many might think that Google Play Pass could be an alternative to Apple’s Arcade. But, Google is standing on its own promises and thus Google Play Pass could be something different from others. Right now, it is in the testing phase, it seems that only for a few users in the United States. Anyhow, spending $5/month, one can get a free buffet on Google Play.

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