Google Play Store Down: Android Users Getting ‘Server Error’ While Accessing the Store

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You are the Android users are getting “server error” if they are trying to access the Google Play Store. This situation is only happening for you of the users of Android devices. Affected users have been complaining on social media like Twitter and various other networks. Although Google has not confirmed any server error issue. Server error issue is mainly happening to the smartphone users, whereas users of web version are not facing any issue. This outage is happening on me most of the regions, this situation is not limited to only one market of the Android platform.


The most affected regions of the Android platforms are mostly European market and the Asian market. It is mostly happening in the US and as well as in India, where the users were unable to update or download an application from the Google Play Store. Although there is an outage, few of the Android users not facing this issue.  So basically, there is no information why few of the Android users are facing this issue, while most of them can update and download application and games from the Google Play Store easily.

Usually, this kind of errors can be fixed by clearing the cache and data which are stored in the Google Play Store. You can easily do it by going to the device settings and send from the apps and notification section. Although this procedure is not working in this case, even if you have done these following steps then you will still face the error in your Google Play Store. The information collected from the online outage monitoring website known as DownDetector, Google play store is facing connectivity issue from 4:59 pm IST (7:29 am EDT).


On this outage monitoring website, there has been more than 1,500 reports has been submitted about the service failure for most of the Android device uses around the globe. In case you are one of them who is facing the server error Issue in your Android device, then we will recommend you to connect with Google. It is best to wait for the situation to be rectified by Google, as none of the procedures are working for fixing the issue in Google Play Store. Few of the Huawei Android users have been tweeting about the Google Play store stopped working for their devices, as the US has restricted the manufacturing company, as well as Google, has stopped their services towards Huawei.

But it is an entirely different issue, even other devices which are not Huawei manufactured, are also facing the same Google Play Store server issue in their devices. We would recommend you to wait for the server error to be fixed by Google. Although there is no official confirmation about the issue or the rectification timeline. In case any further information comes from Google, we will update this article for you with the latest information about the server error issue on Google Play Store.

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