Google Pixel 4 Is Official: Punched Hole Camera And Air Gesture System

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Google surprised everyone by posting the first official image of Google Pixel 4. This cutting edge smartphone is scheduled for October but figured in several leaks in recent days. To end the flow of information behind the scenes, the manufacturer himself reveal the successor to the line consisting of Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

The main difference is on the back surface: the camera settled in a square module with rounded corners. It is possible to observe three sensors, one of them dedicated to detect the proximity of objects and people. In order to enhance the portrait mode, a feature that turned fever between the latest phones. In addition, it is the first time that a Pixel product does not bet on the digital reader in the back.

There is still a flash. The power button continues on the smartphone right side in gray color. The traditional “G” icon is also present. The image does not show the front face of the phone. Maybe the device could end up with a dual punch hole camera on the screen, following a design similar to the Galaxy S10.

In terms of features, the hottest rumors speak about an innovative gestural system that would use a special sensor called “SOLI” to read the user’s hand movements. Without any fingerprint scanner, the Pixel 4 could rely on a screen reader, or rely solely on facial recognition as a biometric authentication method.

The datasheet cites storage of 64 GB or 128 GB; 4 GB RAM; 12.2 MP main camera; and 8MP front camera. Google Pixel 4 costs nearly Rs. 69,999 and expected to launch in India in October 2019.

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