Google Photos Having A Instagram-Style ‘Memories’ Feature

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Google Photos Stories

Google Photos does not want the photos saved by users to end up being forgotten. Therefore, Google’s photo service is currently releasing its own version of Stories. Unlike Instagram and Snapchat Stories, the Google Photos version will be dedicated to rescuing photos from past dates to offer them under the Stories format.

The “Stories” of Google Photos will be called ‘Memories’. It will use Artificial Intelligence to select the best photos to display at any time. From Google, there may be users who do not want to relive some memories. So they offer the possibility that they can hide memories with certain people or periods of time, or they can disable this feature completely.

From Google, it is intended that users relive their memories, without browsing through the abundant collection of photos that may be stored in their accounts. But it is not the only feature that Google Photos brings today, although it is the most outstanding.

Facilitating Searches

Google will also begin to offer the possibility to search for photos by texts that may contain them. With this improvement in searches, users will have it easier to search for photos and even screenshots.

Now Easy To Share With Family & Friends

Google wants its users to easily share their memories with family and friends. In this regard, they improved the feature which allows us to share photos directly with family and friends within the application.

Google Photos Stories

More Print Options

Google also expands the possibilities of printing. Until now it was possible to request the printing of photo albums, from now, it will be possible to order individual photo prints to be collected on the same day. These prints will be 4 × 6 in size. And it also allows users to send canvases to print, receiving them directly in their homes. We remind you that new printing options begin to be available in the United States, so we do not know when it will reach global markets.

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