Google Pay Adds Support for 15 More Banks Across Europe, Asia, and Australia

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Google pay is focused on expanding their support for various banks across the globe. There not only adding support for the more banks but even they are also adding support for more public transit cards which is one of the major reasons for using their service. Currently, they have expanded more binding support for 15 more banks into their service. These 15 banks are located in Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Now you can easily use various payment cards which are provided by this following supported banks in your Google pay. We have gathered the complete list of the added banks and sorted them country wise in order to know about them correctly. Check the added Bank list in case it was previously not supported by Google pay, if your bank gets added to the Google Play service then you can start using payment system and cards issued by the bank.

  • Australia:


  • Czech Republic:

Banka CREDITAS a.s.

  • Germany:


  • Japan:



SMBC Debit

  • Norway:

DNB Bank

  • Russia:

AKB Petersburg City Bank

Public-Joint Stock Company Norvik Bank

PJSC «Bank Uralsib»

JSC “Bank Finservice”

  • Slovakia:


  • Sweden:

Swedbank and Savings Bank

  • Ukraine:


  • United Arab Emites:


These are the complete list of the banks which are added support in the Google Pay services. Most of the banks which are added to the Google Pay from eastern Europe and from Russia. After the support of these above-mentioned banks, more than a hundred organizations will now start using Google Pay services. Previously if your bank was not supported by Google pay, then you should check the list in case your bank is now currently supported by the service.

If you can see the bank is listed above then you can start using the Google Pay services in your smartphone. If you are not familiarised with Google Pay application, then you need to use the mobile number which is associated with your bank account in order to create an account on Google pay application. The next thing you need to do is by sharing your bank card with the Google pay application, by pairing the card you will be able to online payments.

You can easily transfer money from bank to bank directly from the Google Pay application, you can pay various kind of bills using the application on your phone. Google pay will ask you to create a unique PIN in order to use the payment service in your smartphone. No need to use OTP, after you have completed the setup process in the application. All you need is the internet connection in your smartphone device and you are ready to use the application.

It’s great to hear that Google Pay services are expanding their support, so basically, we can use our smartphone to pay. Although American Express is still not added it to the service for France, its most likely they will add support in future updates.

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