Google Now Lets You Use Android Smartphones as Physical Security Keys for 2-Step Verification

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To provide better security to users linked with different Google account and services, Google has rolled out an impressive new version of 2 step verifications (2SV) or you can even all it a 2-factor authentication. From now on you can turn your Android phone into a physical security key. In the new update the user is not sent a sms code, Instead users now will receive a prompt on a connected smartphone device to make sure that legitimate user is trying to access the service of Google.

Google Now Lets You Use Android Smartphones as Physical Security Keys for 2-Step Verification

In the official blog post, Google has said that all the smartphones using Android 7.0 or the higher version of the OS can use this new feature of 2 step verification to access services of Google like Google Drive, Gmail linked to their accounts. Also this feature is available for users who are using the Advanced protection program of Google.

To activate two factor authentication process, Users will have to run the latest version of chrome browser on their 2nd device which should have chrome 0S, MacOSX or windows and follow the below given steps.

How to activate 2-Step Verification on Google Android

1) Firstly you will have to connect your mobile with Bluetooth-supported PC

2) once your mobile is connected with bluetooth, open

3) Activate 2-step verification if it is not already enabled

4) Now click on ‘Add security key’ button

5) Now select your linked Android smartphone from the available list of devices

Once you enable this feature, you will receive a prompt on your Android smartphone before you log in to the account from a new device. The process is really simple, user just has to click yes on the new button when the 2SV prompt arrives on Android phone.

Google Pixel 3 users gets a special benefit, They don’t have to tap on the yes button, Instead they can just click on the volume button and grant access to Google accounts. The Pixel 3 has a Tital M security chip inside the smartphone which will make sure that it is legitimate to give access of the Google account by just pressing the volume button.


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