Google Launches New Service To Prevent Malcious Apps

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Google App Defence

Two years back, Google launched Play Protect Services in all android smartphones. This is a system integrated into Google services for analyzing apps, in search of possible threats or security risks.

Now, the company wants to go even further. Google launched a new service called App Defense Alliance, an initiative that was created in collaboration with the ESET, Lookout, and Zimperium information security firms. Its main objective is to identify and remove malicious apps before they are published in the Play Store.

After thousands of downloads, some malicious apps are detected and removed from the Google Play Store. But the malware is already working on the user’s device. To avoid these situations and cut this problem at the root, App Defense Alliance will play a fundamental role with their anti-malware scanners.

Google App Defence

These companies have always shared their reports and warn certain apps on Google Playstore. Now the communication will be open and direct with Google to analyze the malicious app threat before it is released out. And of course, this effort will be combined with Google Play Protect technology.

In the early days, Play Protect services have shown positive results and it is not an infallible system. This is based on machine learning techniques. They learn from malicious apps and prevent future threats, but it has some drawbacks compared to other more “classic” systems.

Probably, the objective of this alliance is to overcome the shortcomings of Play Protect. Thus, it creates an ecosystem free of dangerous applications.

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