Google Family Link Added Two New Features To Control Child

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Google Family Link

Google Family Link, an essential app for parents and guardians whose minor children have an Android device in their possession. It is a parental control that allows us to set limits and control their activity. This parental control app for Android devices is now updated to add two important features: Application Timers and ‘Extra Time’ .

Application Timer

Google Family Link

Until now, Google Family Link only allowed parents to select apps and games that could be installed on a child’s device. Also the total time the child could be using their mobile or tablet.

Well, following the steps of Digital Wellbeing, Google Family Link now allows us to create timers in each of our child’s apps and games. So, we can limit the time we want to spend using each of the applications. Once this limit has been exceeded, the minor will no longer be able to use that application.

Extra Time

Google Family Link

As until now, Google Family Link allows us to set a maximum screen time on, that is, the device is being used. Once the time was up, the child could no longer unlock the phone. In this new version, parents can add extra time so that the child can continue using their device for a little longer.

These two developments will begin to reach Google Family Link applications from today. Within a few days, these features will be activated for everyone.

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