Google Earth Received New Update Showing Timelapse Of Last 35 Years

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Google Earth

Google Earth has developed an interesting feature so users can have even greater visibility on the planet.

Since 2013, Google Earth Timelapse is an interesting tool, which allows us to know the variations that have been occurring in different parts of the world over the years. Now, this tool receives an important update with several new features. First, it launches a new user interface based on Material Design, offering a simple, clear and intuitive visual aspect, improving the visualization of local areas, which take greater prominence.

Secondly, two more years of images are added, which will allow users to observe the variations in several places, covering from 1984 to 2018 (35 years timelapse). And last but not least, Google Earth Timelapse is already compatible with phones and tablets.

In addition, Google Earth Engine using 15 million satellite images, from the Landsat USGS / NASA programs, to create 35 cloud-free global images that make up the new tool. The collaboration of Carnegie Mellon for the use of its Time Machine video technology enables interactive navigation.

Overall, this tool can be used by scientists, documentalists, and journalists for their different works, where even the satellite images are part of the new BBC series called Earth From Space.

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