Google Duo Starts Rolling Out Data Saving Mode for Android Users

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Majority of the Android users are using Google duo application for video calling purpose. Recently Google duo started rolling out an update for data saving mode to Android users. You can find the data saving mode in the settings of the Google duo, and just need to toggle the switch and enable the data saving mode.

Although enabling the data saving mode reduces the quality of the video, but in return, it saves the mobile data. In case you are using mobile data instead of Wi-Fi, then we would definitely recommend you to enable the data saving mode. It can help you to save lots of valuable mobile data.

Google Duo Starts Rolling Out Data Saving Mode for Android Users

The feature of Data saving mode in Google Duo is now rolling out to all the Android devices running the application globally. This setting is useful to users who are using limited data packages in both mobile data and Wi-Fi. In case you haven’t got the update for the Google duo application, you can always go to the Play Store and check for updates.

Google duo application updates its version from v50 to v51. Even though this update is not version specific, in case you are running Google duo v51 then the data saving mode will come to you by the server side update.


In the new data saving mode feature, Duo automatically limits data usage on mobile networks. It has replaced the Limit mobile data usage setting. Even though data saving mode is already available for Android users, there is no news about the data saving mode feature coming to iOS device users. By these setting, both end video callers can save data but as a result, they will get the low-quality video calling unlike before.

This feature enables you to save data for both video and audio calling via Google duo web application, as Google duo application recently started supporting the PC platform. Now with this new feature saves your data in both Android devices and PC why simply toggling the data saving switch from the settings of the application.

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