Google Duo Allows Group Video Calls In Some Countries

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Google Duo

Google has been testing a group call feature on Duo for the past few months, and it looks like it has now left its testing phase. According to Justin Uberti, the function has been developed in some specific regions but not announced any details about the list of countries that have been able to test this feature.

The app will show a “create group” button below the search bar, being possible to save the group to access it later with a single click. The idea is that we can create groups of up to four people, although previous screenshots have already been disclosed with groups of seven people at the same time.

Once the group is created, we can make a call with a single button similar to Skype. There have also been reported catches with a low light mode for calls at night, but there are few details on the subject. This tweet says it is possible to see the function of group calls in all their splendor:

Google has never managed to stand out in the world of social networks. It has allowed other options, such as WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram and even Linkedin, to become day-to-day platforms. Google has already closed Google Plus and Google Allo. Now the Mountain view giant wants to keep trying with Duo.

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