Google Duo Adds Facebook-Style Emoji Reactions To Reply Back

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In 2016, Google Duo is launched as a simple application for video calls. Now, it allows you to make voice calls, share images or send voice messages with editing tools. Today, Google Duo is updated with Facebook-style emoji reactions to enhance the recording of messages. It allows us to respond quickly through emojis.

Google Duo

Google Duo has been inspired by the reactions of Facebook since it basically offers the same emojis. In total there are eight reactions. Very soon, Google includes a party style emojis.

Pressing on one of these emojis will automatically reach our contact a notification with our reaction. The person who recorded the message can also add and own reactions. Your emoji will join the rest of the reactions that come to your contacts, such as in Facebook posts or Instagram stories.

Google Duo

At the top of the message, we will see the list of reactions. Clicking on it one can see the people who have reacted. Google Duo allows us to send the same voice or video message to several contacts at once. These messages will expire within 24 hours.

Until now, the only way to respond to a message is to record another voice or video message. But now, one can quickly answer with the use of these emoji reactions.

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