Google Drive Now Allows You To Edit PDF Forms Within Smartphone

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Every time, people who carry online documents face a common problem regarding PDF’s. Writing stuff in MS-Word and exporting them in PDF’s seems to be a typical workflow. In the case of form fillings, it makes you annoyed. The best option to fill out a PDF form is through a compatible application such as Adobe Fill & SignOr for a few days through Google Drive.

Since the latest version of the Google Drive app, we no longer need to use third-party applications to fill out a PDF form. Now we can do it from the Google application that comes from the factory on most devices. Google Drive for Android allows us to type in the fields of a form, select options from a drop-down and select checkboxes.

The only two things it does not allow is to draw our signature or fill out XFA forms. Google Drive is expected to add the electronic signature in future updates. Once the form is completed, we can save on the original PDF file or create a copy with the option ‘save as‘. At any time we can edit the form to change the text.

Even so, it is an update that will save time and reduce a series of steps while performing online works. This new option is available in the latest version of the Google Drive app on both iOS and Android.

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